Chapter 2

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Lisa looked at her schedule one more time.

8h-10h   : Philosophy

10h-12h : French

12h-14h : Lunch break

14h-16h : Photography

College was definitely better than homeschooling. She only had to choose three classes out of the twenty available and could now focus on studying something she loved. Her father had put no particular condition on her choices except that one of them had to be a language class. Lisa had chosen French because it was the only one -out of the seven languages she was capable of speaking- that she really enjoyed studying.

It was 8:30 in the morning when she went out. Today, philosophy had been cancelled because of the welcome ceremony that the director held for the students. But Lisa didn't care about that. Ceremonies of that type were always boring, she didn't see the use of wasting her time, watching an old man telling them how to study, how to act, how to live, how to breathe. She instead decided to go for a walk around the campus. The apartment she lived in wasn't part of the college's property but was situated right at its limits, which was very practical. She would have to thank her parents, or their money, someday.

After an hour of walking in the silence with nobody around, she headed to her French class. She was early and would have to wait in the auditorium for a while but it didn't really bother her. At least she would be sure to have the seats at the very end of the room. If the teachers were like her instructors back home, she figured those spots would be the best for her to be free to do whatever she wanted without them constantly look over every movement of hers.

It was now 9:50 and the room started filling up with a bunch students.

As they came to look at her, some -or more like a lot- found themselves staring at the Thai girl. Because, as if it wasn't enough for her to have a big brain and a wild personality, Lisa was given an amazing physique. The girl was simply stunning. But what differentiated her from others was her unique attitude, whether that be in her way of looking at things or people, or simply her way of acting. There was a whole aura of mystery around her.

Lisa observed them lazily, without paying to much attention to each one of them. She would probably not remember any of their faces anyway.

When the 10:00 rang, everyone went quiet. And as soon as the teacher, a young woman with very red and shining lipstick, started talking French, Lisa couldn't believe her ears. She had never been that impressed in her life. Staring, wide eyes, as the teacher continued her welcome monologue, she didn't move for a whole minute.

Wow, never, never had she heard worse accent in her life.

Finally getting out of her trance, she started laughing quietly on how that poor woman was disrespecting the language she was probably passionate about. Really... was the school out of budgets to decide to hire her?

After a few minutes listening, she realized her level wasn't that bad, it was actually maybe better than hers, but the accent definitely had some room for improvement. She could maybe use a class or two.

Halfway through the period, Lisa started to get bored again. The class was way too easy, even though it was supposed to be the most difficult one. This, plus, the never-ending number of exercises they were doing, caused her to yawn loudly. A few students turned their head in her direction, curious about who could possibly be bored when the class was this intense, but Lisa paid no attention to them.

When the bell rang, she was the first one to hand her papers and head out of class. As soon as she entered the corridor, someone put a hand on her shoulder.

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