Chapter Eighteen: Always push yourself, darling

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Chapter Eighteen: Always push yourself, darling.

Monday morning, first class.

THE school was buzzing, everyone was talking to one another and laughing. Monday mornings were never this good.

Lydia spotted him walking into the maths class, an aurora of confidence around him as he passed by everyone to the back of the classroom. To sit beside her.

He wasn't cocky, just confident that he would play the best he could for himself tonight and if they lose after he put in the best effort, so be it. The outcome didn't matter to him, it never did but the quality of play did. He was always pushing himself to be better, to play better.

"I've never understood how people could hate on a morning, it's just like every other morning so why hate on just one?"

He smiled at her, leaning back on his chair, eyes never leaving hers. Lydia's heart was hurting at the sight in front of her, he was too precious.

A rare ruby in a mine of coal.


My brother hates writing sentences, it's really funny because that's all his teacher gives his class for homework. He'd rather do algebra!

KateAnnee :)

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