Chapter 13

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Demyan Point of View

"What happened with the spies that were planted by Valdimir? Do we have any of them?" My voice was authoritative and commanding like always. This is how I speak; rude and controlling.

I'm happy to be getting to my usual pose again.

"Oh, you will be surprised at the number." Egor smirked and leaned against the chair in a comfortable arrangement. I looked up at him with a raised eyebrow for further explanation. His eyes were burning for the sight of blood and I understood that there are more than expected weeds in the gang.

No, I need to come up with some other plan, not to eliminate the spies but using them as I wish. Something unexpected. Something dangerous.

"There's something more to the story, Egor." I stated confidently and gave the pen drive to him and asked him to make changes in the security relating to shipment ports.

"True. There are few missing puzzles here. I don't think all the efforts are just to take your throne." I have the same feeling too. What Egor was thinking was the same I'm thinking too.

There's clearly something more to the story and this is one of the reason I have to get rid of Zinnia from my life before she becomes their target.

I sighed massaging my head with my fingers and closed my eyes for a moment. I'm positive that this date will set few screws straight in her brain.

I hope it does.

"Come let's see how Ms. Crazy is fairing up between the hazardous criminals outside." Egor suddenly said excitingly like he was gifted with a fortune on Christmas.

Why the hell is he excited to see her, damn it?!

I narrowed my eyes on him and gave him a pointed look but that doesn't seem to deter him as his smile widened and clapped his hands in enthusiasm.

Okay... What is going on here?

Why is he so enthusiastic?

"Why are smiling like that?" I asked with many doubts swamping in my mind. Intrigued by his sudden interest in the girl he feared till a day before, I leaned forward on the table and took a pen spinning it in between my fingers.

"Are you somehow interested in her?" My hand was clutching the pen in a dead grip and unknowingly my words came out gritted.

He cannot be interested in her. Can he?

Egor is too... hyper in many angles and he cannot like a person like Zinnia who is over-hyper. They don't match each other. He cannot tackle her in the pointed times.

Not to mention, Egor is a softie in interests of sex and Zinnia looks like she can even go berserk at her first try. They don't even fit in terms of an important division called sex.

How it would be to have... No No No!

Never. Do not get distracted Demyan!

Since Zinnia is a maniac, she needs someone who listens to her even though he doesn't want to. He needs to balance her craziness with his calm composure. That person should compensate the noise pollution she creates with his mute silence.

"Does it matter if I am?" He said quite seriously but I can also see a hint of smirk on his face.

Really now?

He cannot be interested in her.

She's Zinnia. She's mental girl. She's a maniac. She's a nut-loose. She's too good. She's too pure for him.

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