Chapter Seventeen: A dream that will hopefully come true.

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Chapter Seventeen: A dream that will hopefully come true.

Sunday night.

A quick text wouldn't hurt anyone, thought Lydia as she laid on her pastel coloured duvet. Just a few words saying anything but everything at the same time.

Chris' head was hanging off the end of George's bed as they shot at the enemies on the television screen. He could tell George was distracted by the girl he'd seen today and Chris being a hotter version of Cupid he decided to help his friend out.

"What's she like?" George tensed at the question, what was Chris trying to do? Was he going to make a move on her?

Putting his hands up in surrender Chris explained, "dude, you're hung up on her, I wouldn't make a move."

Rolling his eyes George paused the game, turning around on the swivel chair to see his friend. He opened his mouth to say everything he only dreamed to say to her but his phone caught his eye.

On his phone screen was a text message from her, it was as if she knew he was talking about her.

Lydia Jackson <3: I never fully understood why people collect designer bags.

Chris grabbed his phone out of his hands before George had a chance to text back. Smiling down at the phone screen Chris turned to him," she's cute."

The three dots at the bottom of her phone screen were beginning to annoy her, what on earth was he sending?

She looked up at the picture she stuck up on the roof. Pictures of her and her family. Pictures of her and Kayla, her best friend.

Chris grinned handing the phone back to his best friend, "your welcome." Grumbling, George clicked onto the chat between Lydia and him, seeing the new text message Chris had sent in his name.

I have a final tomorrow, after school.

His eyes read over the message until he noticed the reply.

I'll be there.


Ahhh the final is tomorrow! (The football final not the end of the book btw :p)

Also, all the support and love I've been shown throughout this book so far, is overwhelming thank you all so much. I mean that from the bottom of my heart ❤️.

KateAnnee :)

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