12: Escape (part 4)

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12.4 Plan Hatching

Ladbroke Grove: 7 May 2128

"It's definitely lower there," Phil whispered. Rick and Ellie took furtive glances at the Wall where it cut through Ladbroke Grove. They had already investigated where it intersected a canal further to the north and decided that was a non-starter. Here, though, had potential as the channel, along which had once run a railway, led to a stretch of the Wall that was no more than fifteen feet in height. They started back towards the city centre; beneath their shoes the mixture of ballast and coarse sand felt as solid as concrete.

"How high is it on the other side?" Ellie asked, keeping a watch out for AI's eyes.

"About ten feet or so," Rick replied. Long and the original Wall crosser, Matty, had investigated this spot for their original escape, though it provided little approach cover. Once outside, Long had reported that there was a build up of land on the other side made up mostly from crushed masonry but with a respectable layer of vegetation.

"We'll need damned good padding and extra straps to keep us from falling off when we land," Phil said.

"Or crash," Ellie added.

"Getting cold feet?" Rick asked her.

"No," she growled, "definitely not. This place is falling to pieces and there's no reason why we shouldn't go over. After all, it is our world – not AI's. The damned thing promised to give it back to us years ago. We are just going to have to take it back for ourselves."

Rick and Phil nodded in agreement.

"I will put the word around that the trike races are going to be starting up a bit earlier this year," Phil said.

"Thanks," said Rick. "That old railway track will be just ideal. I think the ramps need to be a bit more, um, challenging as well."

"And more mobile," Ellie added.

Phil grinned.

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