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luzbavbe, ybnglizzy and 580,289 othersybnnahmir: catching feelings is a hard process cause the problem is always "you never know"47933 comments

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luzbavbe, ybnglizzy and 580,289 others
ybnnahmir: catching feelings is a hard process cause the problem is always "you never know"

User1: who you catchin feelins for.......nvm

User2: you lookin thupid!😂

User3: its jasmine🤫

User4: what about kaylie?
    babvy.jasx: fuck that stuck up scary ass boujie hoe

babvy.jasx: my bestfriend fine asl🤯😬🤷🏽‍♀️🤫
    ybnnahmir: thank you wife🤫

User5: ^🤭

ybnglizzy: i mean i might have a clue who it is but imma stay silent🤪

User5: glizzyyyy nooooo

User6: ybnglizzy if you dont cough tf up for i come suck yo dick

User7: this hoe here always catchin feelins with his lightskin ass

luzbabve: 🤫
    evrybodyluvari: 🤫
    ybnalmightyjay: 🤫

asiandoll: 🤫
    bhadbhabie: 🤫

User7: i fuckin hate their friends

User8: these people who be commentin that stupid ass rap shit need to gtf on somewhere🤬

User9: babvy.jasx  what do you have to say on the jojo siwa stuff? Plus i think you should change your username
     babvy.jasx: I know that i made a mistake as an adult but rlly at this point who gives a fuck. If JoJo acts like it doesnt hurt her feelings then who are we to her. I get that im grown but at heart im still a child, i mean i just turned 18. Im just now legal. I know that im in the spotlight and could possibly be a role model to kids that are still learning but that doesn't stop them or me from making a mistake. I just happen to be in the spotlight. Then again yall are makin a big ass deal over nothing. And i agree completely on the username!😣💗💋💙
      ybnnahmir: go wife😋💍

User10: why dont you catch feelins for me hoe🙄

theshaderoom: the tea!🐸☕

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