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Mike, El and I sit in the basement, Mike's looking at some drawings and El messing with Mike's radio, I sit on the floor leaning back against the couch
"Can you please stop that?" Mike asks El, she stops for a second before immediately starting again, "Are you deaf? I thought we were friends, you know? But friends tell each other the truth. And they definitely dont lie to each other. You made me think Will was okay, that he was still out there, but he wasn't. He wasn't! Maybe you thought you were helping, but you weren't. You hurt me. Do you understand? What you did sucks. Lucas was right about you. All along." Mike rants
El looks down and starts back to mess with the radio
"Michael, be patient with her. You might not know her reasons now, but you will soon." I tell him in a soft voice—
"So come on and let me know. Should I stay or should I go? Should I stay or should I go now?" Me and Mike look over at El when we hear Will's voice come through the radio singing, El looks at us with blood running down her nose, we rush over to her listening to the voice, El holds the radio out to Mike
"If I go there will be trouble. If I stay it will be double." Mike grabs it and starts to speak into it, "Will, is that you? It's Mike! Do you copy? Over. Will are you there? Will!" Static is the only thing that answers Mike, he looks at El and lowers the radio
"Was that... Was it..." He trails off El smiles slightly, "Will." I wipe the blood off of her face then I pull her into a hug sharing a look with Mike.

Lucas, Dustin, Mike and I sit around El as she mess with the radio trying to get in contact with Will again "We keep losing the signal, but you heard it, right?" Mike asks "Yeah I heard a baby." Lucas tells him "What?" "Mike, you obviously tapped into a baby monitor. It's probably the Blackburns' next door." Lucas says brushing it off
"Uh, did that sound like a baby to you? That was Will!" Mike tells him "Mike..." Lucas starts "Lucas, you don't understand. He spoke last night. Words! He was singing that weird song he loves. Even El and Y/n heard him!" Mike points out
"Oh, well, if the weirdo heard him, then I guess—" Lucas starts but Dustin cuts in "Are you sure you're on the right channel?" He asks "I don't think it's about that. I think, somehow, she's channeling him." Mike tells the boys "Like... like Professor X." Dustin says connecting to something he can understand "Yeah." Mike tells him with a smile
"Are you actually believing this crap?" Lucas asks Dustin "I don't know, I mean... Do you remember when Will fell of his bike and broke his finger? He sounded a lot like that." Dustin points out, "Did you guys not see what I saw? They pulled Will's body out of the water. He's dead!" Lucas say raising his voice "Well, maybe it's his ghost. Maybe he's haunting us." Dustin tells us
"It's not his ghost." Mike tells him "So how do you know that?" Lucas asks "I just do!" Mike says firmly, "Then what was in that water?" Lucas asks "I don't know! All I know is Will is alive. Will is alive! He's out there somewhere. All we have to do is find him." Mike tells them
"I was right next to what they pulled out of the water and something was definitely not right about. I know it wasn't Will." I tell Lucas and Dustin looking them both in the eyes, the radio continues to crackle but the only thing we get is static
"This isn't gonna work. We need to get El to a stronger radio." Mike says "Mr. Clarke's Heathkit ham shack." Dustin suggest, Mike agrees, "The Heathkit's at school. There is no way we're gonna get the weirdo in there without anyone noticing. I mean... look at her." We turn to El "I got an idea." Mike tells us...
While the get El ready I go to my room to find something to wear, after getting dressed I put on a hat that covers my face pretty well and some sunglasses to hide my eye, I look myself over one more time before leaving my room
I stand in the hallway with the boys waiting for El to get dressed when she walks out we turn to look at her, she's wearing a pink dress and a blonde wig
"Wow. She looks—"Dustin gets cut of by Mike "Pretty. Good. You look pretty good." Mike says recovering from his slip up, El walks over to a mirror and looks at herself and whispers, "Pretty. Good." With that we head off.

I ride my bike next to the boys looking around I see nothing has really changed about Hawkins, we walk through the school doors
"Okay, remember, if anyone sees us, look sad." Mike tells us as we make our way through the halls, when we get to the AV room Mike goes to open the door only to find that its locked
"What?" Lucas asks and goes to try and open it, "Hey, do you think you can open it? With your powers?" Dustin asks El, "Boys?" We turn quick I look up at the man, who I'm assuming to be Mr. Clarke, "Assembly's about to start." He tells us "We know. We're just, you know..." Mike trails off "Upset." Lucas says taking the smile off of his face and looking down
"Yeah, definitely upset." Dustin stammers "We need some alone time." Mik tells him "To cry." Dustin adds "Yeah, listen... I get it. I do. I know how hard this is, but let's just be there for Will, huh? And then... the Heathkit is all yours for the rest of the day." Mr. Clarke says tossing the keys to Mike "What do you say?" The boys smile at him, he turns and looks at me and El
"I don't believe we've met. What's your name?" He asks El "Elev—" Eleanor! She's my, uh— " Mike falters a little "Cousin." Lucas says "Second cousin." Dustin throws in "And this is her sister, Molly. There here for Will's funeral." Mike lies
"Ah, well, welcome to Hawkins Middle, Eleanor, Molly. I wish you were here under better circumstances." Mr. Clarke tells us, "Thank you." El and I choir, "Uh, where are you guys from exactly?" He asks "Bad place—" "Sweden!" Dustin says cutting her off "I have a lot of Swedish family. " Mike tells him
"She hates it there." Dustin says "Cold!" Lucas chimes in, "Subzero." Mr. Clarke looks over us for a second, "Shall we?" He asks "Yep!" Lucas says and we start to make our way down the hall.
When we get to the gym, Dustin throws the doors open causing every head to turn to us and the man speaking to pause, I hang my head in embarrassment
"Abort." Dustin says and goes to walk out but Lucas stops him the man starts back talking as we make our way to some seats, as we listen to the speech Mike looks around at the kids gathered
"Look at these fakers." He speaks to Lucas in a hushed tone, "They probably didn't even know his name until today." Lucas tells him Mike, Lucas, Dustin, El and I looks over when we hear laughter to see two boys making fun and joking around about this
"Mouth breather." El says, I feel a growl start to climb up my throat, when the bell rings everyone piles out of their seats
"Hey! Hey!" Mike calls out following the two boys from before, as I watch them having the times of their lives I have to remind myself I'm a grown woman and their a couple of school kids and it would be illegal to kick their asses
"Hey, Troy!" The boys stop and turn to Mike, "You... you think this is funny?" Mike asks "What'd you say, Wheeler?" The Troy kid asks, "I saw you guys laughing over ther. And I think that's a real messed up thing to do." Mike tell them "Didn't you listen to the counselor, Wheeler? Grief shows itself in funny ways." The other fucker who I'm guessing is Troy's friend says
"Besides, what's there to be sad about, anyway? Will's in fairyland now, right? Flying around with all the other little fairies. All happy and gay!" Troy insults and starts making fun before walking off, I go to step forwards fully planning on stomping a hole in this kid but Dustin and Lucas grab my arms telling me not to, Mike snaps and walks forwards pushing Troy he hits the floor and a chorus 'Ooohs' ring out
"You're dead Wheeler! Dead!" Troy says getting up, he rush towards Mike, but all of a sudden he stops frozen in place, we look and see him peeing his pants, "Dude, Troy peed himself." Some kid says and laughter fills the gym, I smile knowing that El caused it
"Hey! What's going on here?" One of the teachers ask we grab Mike and we run, we go into the AV room, El sits down as Mike gets evething ready
"Now what?" Dustin asks "She'll find him. Right, El?" Mike asks, she closes her eyes, "She's doing it. She's finding him!" Mike tells them, "This is crazy." Dustin says "Calm down. She just closed her eyes." Right after those words leave Lucas's mouth the light goes out and a clanging sound comes out of the radio getting louder
"What is that?" Dustin asks the sound continues until— "Mom?" Will's voice breaks through the radio, "No way!" Lucas exclaims, "Mom... Please...Mom!" "Will!" The boys scream, "Will, it's us! Are you there? Lucas asks "Can you hear us? We're here!" Dustin shouts "Hello? Mom?" Will says
"Why can't he hear us?" Lucas asks "I don't know!" Mike tells him "Mom! Mom... mom, it's coming! It's like home, but it's so dark... it's so dark and empty. And it's cold! Mom? Mom!" I feel tears prick my eyes so I turn away
"Mom, please!" I cover my mouth bending over resting my other hand on my knee, I don't know how much more I can take of hearing him like this, out of no where the light comes on and something blows and the boys yelp, I turn to see thr radio on fire, the fire alarm goes off as Dustin gets the fire extinguishers and puts it out
"El, are you okay? Mike asks turning her to him, she doesn't answer I look at her seeing that she used to much of her powers, "Can you move?" She still doesn't answer, Mike and Lucas pulls her out of her seat so we can leave, I walk over stopping them
"I've got her." I say pulling her into my arms she rests her head on my shoulder worn completely out, we run out of the room, "This way!" Mike says, we make our way out of the school to our bikes.

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