Chapter 20

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Aida POV

I wake up for the first time in my whole life feeling as though I am home. I mean, not in this room exactly because I'm still in the hospital. But if I had to move in here to be able to stay in this house, with this family, my family, I would. Anything to stay here.

Marcus said I can move out of the med centre and into an actual room today. James and Arge have been working on setting up a room next to Amalie's for me. So we will be neighbours when she wakes up. If she wakes up.

James. My brother. My big brother. It is still so unbelievable to me. He is kind and sweet and funny. He is already protective. He is literally everything you want in a big brother. He is everything you ever watch on cliche tv shows or movies where the big brother is stern but loving and generous.

That's James but in real life. In My life.

And then there is Argent.

I must have hit the life jackpot this year. Maybe all the years of foster care, tests and being unwell, if I ever was unwell, have all been me earning the right to have these two amazing guys in my life.

Argent has been teaching me slowly about what it means to be a werewolf and more importantly, what it means when you are someones mate. It's a strange concept but one that apparently everyone here takes very seriously. It's a sacred bond.

That's what the text says anyway. Words like Sacred. Eternal. Enduring. Argent bought me a small library to read while I am resting up. Marcus has me on restricted outings for now, until we know more about my physical state. And we have no clue about my mental state. So while Argent and James are busy, I read up on werewolf folk law.

It is fascinating. And daunting at the same time. As soon as he left last night I went straight to the "Mate" section. I just need to know more about it, namely what is expected of me. Does it mean we have to get right to it? The "mating" part of the relationship? That part scares me a little. It's not that he isn't literally the most attractive person in the entire world. It's that intimacy of any kind, scares me.

Because I have never been close to anyone.

The buzz we get when we touch, that is enough to make me rethink everything though. It's thrilling. It's addictive. Just being near him sends my body and thoughts into over drive! That inexplicable feeling I got when I first saw him in the art room, that was a mate recognition reaction. And it just gets better the more time I spend with him.

I have much to learn about being a wolf. It does not help that my wolf is still dormant for now.
It would be easier if my wolf was a part of my learning but it like she isn't there. Or she can't hear me. There is still something missing. A disconnect Argent calls it.

Marcus says it may just take time. Time for whatever Jasper has been treating me with to wear off completely. I can already hear the link and he believes that in time, the rest will follow. Marcus has been reading all the notes and books from Dr Jaspers office that the packs took when they rescued us. They have since been back and confiscated Jasper's entire office and computer.

Argos has wanted to shut it all down but there are so many sick kids there. The institution is still open but is human occupied only for now.

Marcus has figured out that the medication I have been taking my entire life has been to stifle my wolf traits. And the tests I had to have each week were to check for the effectiveness. To hide me. To protect me. But why? Why did Jasper do this to me? His own child?

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