Chap 4: Reasons

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"Shio-kun!"-A little girl has wavy black hair called a boy with black hair

The boy smile:"Hey, Akari-chan! What is it?"

The girl smile:"Let's go to the pudding store near your apartment!"

'Shio' joke:"Again?"

She pout:"Shio-kun! You have known that already! My sister is not home!"

He laugh:"Ok! Ah, and..."

The girl ask:"Hmmm?"

'Shio' smile:"Aha, nothing, I just want to celebrate your 7th birthday with your sister!"

Akari smile:"Of course! And...Where is your mom?"

'Shio' sigh:"I told you, she is busy with her papers in London!"

Akari speechless:"W-Wait...If she is in...London...You will..."

'Shio' look at the ground:"S-sorry..."

Don't even give him a chance to explain...She already run away...


"Shio...Please...Don't leave...Please...uh...Please...Just...let me...see you...Please..."

"Koro...Do you think that we should let her know who is Shio?"-Aguri asked. Koro-sensei say:"I don't think she can know about him....yet..". (Koro-sensei in this story is a human). 


"Yes, yes, Mr. Shiota...I will do my homework...soon..."-A blue hair girl said. Nagisa look at her:"Soon?". She complain:"But brother!!! Please! Just this time!!!". Nagisa yell at her:"Not more Mako! YOU TOLD ME THIS STUFF FOR YEARS! SAKURA-CHAN IS 11 BUT SHE IS WAY BETTER THAN YOU! HOW OLD ARE YOU?! YOU ARE HER SENIOR BUT YOU ARE SO DUMB AND LAZY!". She start to cry:"Nagi-niichan...". Nagisa look at his sister...sigh:"Yeah right! Stop your act!". His sister complain:"You cold blood!". Nagisa start to complain about her but then, he has an idea, he smirk:"If you done your homework soon, I will tell Zen to come here to play with you, ok?". His sister's eyes are bright:"YES, BROTHER!". 

-About half of an hour later...-

"NAGI-NIICHAN! I'M DONE!"- Mako shouted. Nagisa smile:"Good job, Mako-chan".




"So...will Zen come?"












Nagisa smile:"I am a liar, ya know?". His sister grabbed a lot of books and throw those to Nagisa. Nagisa laugh:"Hahaha! You idiot! No one trust me!Because I always lied!". Mako glared at him:"YOU LIAR!". Nagisa smile:"Haha, but...I promise that Zen will come to our house soon". Mako ask:"Really?". He nod:"I lied but I kept my promises". Mako shout:"YOU JUST MAKE A PROMISE WITH ME!". Nagisa sigh:"Okay...Okay...I give up!". 

- Akari...Don't you remember me?-


I think you guys all know about who is'Shio'

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