Chapter 2

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"Mama.." I Called, Sitting At The Dinner Table, Fiddling With My Fingers .

"Yeah?" She Said, Continuing Cooking .

"Um, Dad Came By A Couple Of Days Ago" I Said, Causing Her To Stop What She's Doing . She Just Stared Me Down .

"What You Mean He Came By?"

"He Came By Here.."

"Why? What Did He Want? Did He Do Anything To You?"

"No, No.. He's Dying . He Only Has Two To Three More Months To Live"

"Shit" She Mumbled .

"How Did He Even Find Out Where We Live?.. Maliyah, Why Didn't You Tell Me This When It Happened?" She Asked .

"I Didn't Know How To Tell You . Plus I Just Been Thinking About It . I Don't Really Know How To Feel About It" I Said . She Made Her Way Over To Me, And Sat In The Chair Beside Me .

"What Did You Tell Him When He Told You That?" She Asked .

".. I Told Him That I Don't Really Feel Too Bad For Him, And To Go To Hell And Burn" I Said, Causing Her To Give Me A Face .

"What?" I Asked .

"Why Did You Tell Him That?" She Asked .

"Cause It's The Truth" I Said .

We Sat In Silence For A Few .

"I Know You Feel Some Type Of Way Towards Your Dad Because Of Him Not Being Around In The Past, But That's Still Your Dad-"

"Mama.. Not To Be Disrespectful, But I Don't Care About That . He Left Us . He Left Us And Made A Whole Other Family, And I Know I Was Young But Knowing That Hurts . Him Not Being Around, Or Even Calling To Check Up Hurts . And You Can Say That I'm Just Being Dramatic But I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over That"

"Come Here" She Said, As She Held Her Arms Out, Pulling Me Into A Hug .

I Begin To Cry, Uncontrollably .

"It's Gone Be Alright, It's Gone Be Alright" She Said, Rubbing My Back .

"I Just Wanna Know Why" I Cried .

"Why What Baby?"

"Why Didn't He Stick Around? Why Didn't He At Least Call? Was It Me? Was It My Fault?"

"No- No, No, It Wasn't Your Fault At All, I Promise"

Later That Day, I Decided To Go To A Park And Just Sit In The Parking Lot . Everything Was Just Going Through My Head All At Once, And I Felt Like I Needed To Get Out Of The House So I Can Think Clearly .

Soon My Phone Begin To Ring . I Look At The Caller ID, But I Didn't Recognize It .

"Who The Hell Is This?" I Mumbled .

"Hello?" I Answered .

"Hello? Maliyah?" A Familiar Voice Had Said .

"Yes? Who- Who Is This?" I Asked .

".. John" He Said, Causing My Heart To Drop To My Stomach, As My Eyes Widened . I Was So Shocked I Couldn't Even Say Anything .

"Hello?" He Said .

"Ye- Yeah? John?"

"Wassup? How You Been?" He Asked .

"Um- I- I Been Ok . How You Been?"

"I Been Straight . I Just Got Out Of Jail A Few Days Ago . I Been Wanting To Call You, I Just Been Waiting On The Right Time To"

"Oh, That's Good, I Guess"

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