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"Swish swish" the broom made as Kiara swept it across the floor. She swept up the crumbs and threw them in the garbage can. She sighed; she was already tired, and this was only her first floor she had swept. There was about two more on this story. And this was a three story building, not including the basement, which also had to be cleaned. And for each floor she sweep (which is all of them) she have to mop them, and wax them. She sighed again, knowing this was going to be a long day.

  Kiara grabbed the dustpan and headed to the next room to sweep. She started to sweep, across the edge of the wall, around the chairs, under the table, she could probably do this with her eyes closed since she's done it so many times.

"Have you mopped this floor yet Kiara?" Her guardian, Rose asked in a shrill voice pointing to the floor.

"Not yet," Kiara replied, "I'm going to sweep everything then mop, like I usually do."

"Just making sure," she said "Because if you didn't, I will mop it for you."

  It impressed Kiara by how fast Rose got her work done. She had to fold towels, polish the silverware, shine shoes, clean mirrors, and so many other jobs, and now she was taking on the task of mopping a floor to, since she had most of hers done.

"There," Kiara said, cracking a smile. She had finished sweeping all 3 floors on this story, and was very proud of herself.

"Should I come down to mop once I'm finished? " She called to rose, heading for the staircase.

"No," she said. "I'm almost done mopping the first floor, I'll get the second, then when I'm done I'll bring the bucket up for you to do the floors there."

"Ok," Kiara called back, almost halfway up the spiral staircase.

  She proceeded up the staircase, with her broom and dustpan, preparing to sweep the floors here. She stepped into the second floor, looking around.

  Mrs Juniper's room on her left, but her room is always locked, apparently she cleans it herself. So all she had to sweep was a small bathroom, the pool table room, and around the coffee table that sat in the corner of the room.  She set to work, quickly sweeping the first floor, then the second, then third. She climbed the staircase again, stepping onto the landing

  There where four rooms here, Mrs Juniper's (The owner of the mansion) daughter's room, a mini kitchen, a mini movie theater, and an archery auditorium. Her daughter's name is Miranda. She has this entire floor to herself. Kiara had admired it when first coming to clean, now just scowls at it. She really doesn't use the theatre or the kitchen, and if she does, it's always a mess. She traines often in her archery room though. Kiara had always stopped sweeping to look at her targets, hardly a shot missed from the center. How was she so accurate, Kiara did not know. It was scary, in a way, think about the damage she could actually do it she wanted to.
"Why even I could be dead. I'm surprised I'm not, the way she torments me." Kiara thought, shivering at it.  Luckily she had a tournament today, so she wasn't here.

  She had just finished sweeping the third floor when she heard it. The clicking of heels up the staircase. She froze then quickly ran to the garbage can in the kitchen, dumped the crumbs from the dustpan in, then wiping the sweat on her forehead and wiping her hands on her jeans.

  The door opened, and in walked Mrs Juniper, the owner of the house. She looked at Kiara through steely green eyes, then looked at the floor.

"Well, you've swept these floors so far?" She asked.

Kiara gulped before answering, "y yes m'am."

"And you've emptied all of the trash bins?"

"Yes," She answered nervously, but being careful not to show it.

Mrs Juniper looked at her for a moment, then suddenly stepped to the trash bin.

"My my," Mrs Juniper said scandalously "You forgot to, fluff this bag out when you put it in."

  She said as she proceeded to take the bag out of the bin, and fluffing it out vigorously, and purposely waving it all over. In the process all of the crumbs from the three floors Kiara had swept scattered all over them again.

"Oh, whoops," she said clearly meaning it with a smirk on her face. "I guess it did have stuff in it, guess you'll have to sweep again," she said with laughter clear in her voice.

  Kiara stood there in shock. She could feel anger boiling in her chest, her head, pounding and screaming at her to do something. But what could she do? If she lept at her, she probably could injure her, but overall that would just lead to them being fired and being charged, which they couldn't pay, so they would probably end up in jail. So she just stood there, seething in her head.

"Well, get a move on!" Mrs Juniper said sharply, waving her hand in the direction of the floor.

"Yes m'am," Kiara said through gritted teeth.

  The rest of the day was a blur as she reswept the floors, then mopped, waxed, and did all the other tasks.
She remembed getting home, and snuggling under her one blanket, and rose kissing her on the forehead goodnight.

Then she drifted off to sleep....

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