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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Three

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I watched my sister scurry off with Rick; I kept up the mask of indifference as I turned to face Belle. That stupid European wolf really had to ask all of the tricky questions, some of which I didn’t know the answers to myself.

I sighed and allowed a huge grin to flood my face, drawing out a smile of her own. “Well, seems like I got where I wanted you after all.”

She giggled and rolled her eyes. “You know, I came only because I wanted to see your parents.” She said with a bat of her eyelashes.

I faked being hurt and chuckled when she elbowed me. I took the chance to rustle her hair and jump away when she tried to get me for it, laughing. “You know, I really did miss you, you little weasel.” I said with a grin.

She blushes and giggled, looking away. “I missed you too, but don’t get all smug over it.” She winked and rushed to the house.

I laughed and followed after her. “How do you like the place?”

“Well, it can pass.” She stuck her tongue out, reminding me of the twelve year old version of her.

“Yeah big enough to house two families.” I sighed, thinking about the ceremony again.

She looked away, and for a second I could see a flash of sadness as it flared across her features, making me wonder what I said.

“Yeah, I guess it is.” Her tone lost the playfulness, and her steps lost some of their sharpness.

I sighed and cursed myself for saying whatever upset, and it was right after her spirits finally seems to rise. “Come on, don’t you want to see you room?”

“Ummm?” She looked at me, but her eyes seemed to have a distant look.

“Your room, wanna see it?” I repeated, giving her one of my best apologetic smiles.

“Yeah, sure.” She offered me a smile, but I could see it wasn’t sincere. She learned how to fake those over the years, but I could always tell.

“Come on.” I grabbed her hand and forced her to increase her pace, almost running into the house. I kept shooting glances to Belle, her mood seemed to have improved a little. “Here.” I said as I opened the second doors to the left on the second floor, her room was right next to mine, and ushered her in. “We had this prepared especially prepared for you.” I said with a grin.

Her eyes flared as soon as we entered the room.  The walls were white, but had a reddish tone to them. The covers and everything else in the room were also adjusted to the red colour. There was a huge bed in the centre, a wardrobe to the left and a huge window opposite of us. In one of the corners there was a wooden desk with laptop on it, the working surface was littered with pictures from our childhood. She squealed and jumped on the bed when she noticed the stuffed animal lying on it. I leaned against the door frame and watched her, amused.

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