Chapter 10

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Third pov
Dinah ran out from her bedroom after hearing all the commotion. She came down stairs to see her mother knocked out on the floor with blood pouring out from her forehead.

"Mama!" Dinah yelled running over to her side."Mama, please wake up." Dinah cried shaking her mother awake. Normani's eyes opened slightly as she began to wake up.

"C-Camila." She whispered."Mama, grandpa took her. Why did he take her, Mama?" Dinah asked through her tears."C-call mommy." Normani whispered still kind of out if it.

"O-okay." Dinah stuttered reaching into her mother's pocket and pulling out her phone. She quickly found Lauren's number and clicked on it.

A moment later she answered."Hey, babe what's up? In almost done here I'll be done soon." Lauren said when she answered.

"Mommy, he took her mommy her took her!" Dinah exclaimed into the phone."Woah woah woah baby slow down. Where's mama?" Lauren asked."She hurt mommy! She bleeding!" Dinah said her breathing getting quick.

"Oh god. Okay baby who took who?" Lauren her child trying to keep her calm."Grandpa took Cami mama!" Dinah said."What?! I'm on my way home right now baby girl. I'm coming." Lauren said."O-okay mama." Dinah stuttered as she hung up.

Normani finally started coming to and she sat up slowly holding her head. She defiantly had a concussion. She touched the deep cut on her head and whinced."Mommy!" Dinah exclaimed going over to her and throwing herself into her arms.

"Its okay baby. I gotchu." Normani said holding her tight in her arms."How's your head, Mommy?" Dinah asked pulling away and pointing at her head.

"It stings but I'll make it baby." She said trying to stand up."Mommy, why he take her? I wan' her back." Dinah said with her lip quivering."I don't know why he took her but Mama an I are gonna get her back, we promise." Norman I said getting up with Dinah in her arms.

"What if her hurts her, Mommy? Dinah asked becoming to get worked up."Well then we'll get her back before he can baby." Norman I said.

Dinah hugged her mother tightly."I gotchu baby." Normani said.

It took Nomani about 10 minutes to fully calm down the child. Just then Lauren barged through the door."Babe! Are you guys okay?" Lauren asked running towards them."Mama!" Dinah exclaimed wanting to go to Lauren. Lauren held her on her hip and placed a lingering kiss to her forehead.

"I love you. Your so brave baby." Lauren praised and Dinah smiled."Babe are you okay?" Lauren asked seeing that her wife's forehead was bleeding. She placed a gentle kiss to her lips.

"I'm fine I'll just have a nasty scare though. That's not important though what is important is us finding Camila?" Normani said seriously. Lauren nodded in agreement and put Dinah to her feet."Can you go upstairs while mommy and I talk please?" Lauren asked and Dinah nodded running upstairs.

"Lauren what are we gonna do? I have no idea where he took her! I should have never opened the door. This is all my fault." Normani said beginning to get worked up.

"Babe none of this is your fault at all. I have already put out a search for him. We're gonna find him and bring Camila home safe." Lauren said.

"Come on lets take care of this cut of yours." Lauren said with a smile. Normani nodded and allowed Lauren to lead her to the bathroom.

Normani sat on the closed toilet seat while Lauren took out the first aid kit. Lauren cleaned the blood from her wife's forehead."You love taking care of me don't you?" Normani said with a smile.

"I gotta take care of my baby." Lauren said."In older than you." Normani said."Whatever." Lauren said."Lauren I'm really worried. What if he hurts her?" Normani asked.

Lauren stopped and looked at her wife."Nothing's gonna happen. I am gonna work nonstop to find him. He's not gonna get away with this I promise you that." Lauren said seriously.

Normani stared into Lauren's bright green eyes that were filled with hope. She had to believe her.

Normani just nodded trying to hold back the years in her eyes."The only thing that matters right now is that you and Dinah didn't get seriously hurt." Lauren said.

"He had a gun babe. I-I didn't know what to do." Normani said. Lauren looked shocked. Could her father really be that far gone? This really angered Lauren.

"I can't beleive him! I'm gonna find him and he's not gonna ever be able to bother us again."

I'm sorry this chapter was kinda bad but I just wanted to put out an update for this book. The next chapter will be a lot better I promise.

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