Five; Meeting Crazys

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Sophie's POV

The Carly girl said the she was going to get me more into this lifestyle, and I was getting really upset at her, like geez lady. I'm not the one that needs to be babysat here. She lifted me down off the table and held my hand, leading me from the green hallway, to the blue one. She led me all the way to the bathroom at the end. She squatted down, taking both of my hands to speak.

"So, littles, like you, have different ages. Some are infant, others toddlers, and some are kids to preteens. That's what the three different hallways are. There are way less kids and preteens, so we use that hallway for people like you who don't know their headspace or little age. I think that you are an infant, but we will talk about that more when you have a stronger idea of what is what. This place though watches littles too in the three hallways while their mommys, daddys, or caregivers are busy. We usually try to make sure that the little has the same person watching them every time that they come so that they will be comfortable with them. This hallway is for infants. I want to show you all of the rooms if you don't mind. Just know that you can tell me anything whenever you need. Okay?" I nodded slowly, barely getting everything that she said. She took my hand, quietly leading me into the first room.

"Well, hi there!" A tall, muscular woman said while changing a teenagers diaper. I still can't believe that I am wearing one of those damned things. The teenager covered her face.

"No! No see me!" She squealed throwing her hands down. The taller woman slapped her hands, putting a blanket over her lower half.

"Francie, I think your daddy told you not to touch yourself. Now, stay while I talk to these people." She fastened a belt around the girl who was now sucking her thumb and drooling. This is their idea of normal? Is this what normal people do in a relationship? The woman walked up to us.

"So, how can I help this little princess today?" I blushed and looked down. That was sweet. I giggled.

"We are just helping her to realize that it's normal to be who she wants to be." Carly explained.

"Ooh. Well cutie pie, I'm Audry. I am a babysitter here. If there is anything that you need me for just let me know." She winked and walked back to the changing table. Carly grabbed my hand again, leading me out as Audry played peek-a-boo with the giggly teenager. The next room that we walked into had a girl who looked allot like Carly as the babysitter and a woman who looked about in her twenties dressed in just a diaper and sports bra as the baby thing. She was napping in a giant crib while the Carly duplicate was on her phone.

"Hey, Sonny." Carly got the girls attention.

"Hey, sis. Who is this little cutie?" So they are sisters? That explains allot. The Sonny girl grabbed my other hand and pulled me your her chair then into her lap. She ran her fingers through my hair and my spine made a weird feeling and I straightened up quickly.

"Hey there, calm down, sweetie. You are okay. Relax." She kept running her fingers through my hair, and I eventually did relax, slightly falling into her chest.

What in the world is happening to me?

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