Four; Talking

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She shook as she nodded her head. That's all I needed. I slipped my hand under her back and used the other to push her into a laying position on the table. I pulled off both her panties and her leggings. She quickly reached down to cover her girly parts, so I put a wipe over it, moving her hands.

"There. Does this happen allot, Sophia?" I played with her hair. She shrugged.

"Use your words." Jessica finally walked over.

"N-Not in public." She whispered, crying harder.

"Why are you crying? It's perfectly normal, cutie, I promise. That little girl that was walking with me in the hallway, she does it all the time. She is a cute little baby, just like you. I take care of her, and I bet we can fine someone to take care of you too. How's that sound?" She just sat there with her mouth hanging open.

"Let's get you in a diapee for now though, and we will talk some more in a little bit once you have calmed down some. Okay?" She cried a little harder and nodded. I felt sorry for the poor girl. I moved the wipe that had been covering her this entire time and glanced at Jessica, who was now putting lavender oil on her wrist. Thank God, she finally remembered something. After rubbing in the oil she brought I to the girls face so she could smell it. She visibly calmed down some, but was still crying a little. I wiped her good, which made her tense up, but she didn't protest. I slipped the diaper under her and taped it up, putting her legs down.

"Good girl. That was amazing." I praised her, while pulling a skirt looking diaper cover on her. I threw her dirty clothes into a bag and tied it.

"Jessica seems to be kinda bumfuzzled, so I will explain everything that you need to know while she goes to watch Marcella." Jessica rolled her eyes and punched my arm on the way out.

"So, angel, you said you have accidents sometimes. Jessica said that you struggled to talk like a big girl on the phone. Is there anything else that there might be, cutie?" Sophie didn't move. Why is she so scared? This is literally an infant, toddler, and little daycare. What's the issue? Wait, does she even know that this is a little daycare?

"How did you find out about this place?"

"My ex girlfriend gave me the number for my sister." She mumbled quietly. I tried to refrain from smirking but it didn't work well.

"Why don't you tell me about her?"

"She b-broke up with me because of st-stuff like th-this. I'm immat-ture." I smiled. The ex understands everything.

"Sophia, angel, is it possible that that your girlfriend wanted you to use this daycare in particular because she knows about all of that. You are what is known as a little. It is perfectly normal and cute and sweet, but I think your ex wanted you to find a mommy or daddy."

"I w-want to leave." She begged. I bit my cheek. She clearly can't drive right now.

"How about we try to get you more into this lifestyle?" She glared at me through watery eyes.

"F-fine." She huffed. Uh oh. Somebody needs a nap soon.

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