Three; Bathroom Run

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I looked down to see that I had literally pissed myself. This has happened before, but only when I am really relaxed alone or asleep. Not while I am nervous as shit in front of some woman that I don't know. I gasped and started to cry as I rushed out of the room, looking for a bathroom. Carly was holding some girls hand. The girl looked our age, but was dressed like a toddler. Carly dropped the other girls hand and grabbed me by the waist, looking confused.

"What is the issue here?" She spoke with authority as I looked down crying. She followed my eyes and sighed.

"Oh, you poor baby." She turned my head to look at hers.

"Go to the bathroom at the very end of the hall. Don't lock the door. Someone will be in there to help you in just a second." She let go and I continued running to the bathroom.

Carly's POV

The poor girl had an accident and looked like she was about to die. Her tear soaked face was enough to make Hitler cry.

"Marcella, go back to our room." I told my baby as I hurried back to the Little Room that Jessica was using. Jess stood there, looking shocked with her mouth open and eyes wide.

"Stop fucking standing there. Get diaper changing supplies and get your ass to the bathroom. Do you need my help?" She shook her head out of whatever haze she was in.

"Y-yeah." She was still kinda sluggish as she started to grab things, and I slapped the back of her head. That girl could be having a panic attack right now. I threw a few things into a bag and pulled her to the bathroom. When we got there, I put the bag is her hand and followed her inside.

"Hey, Soph. Are you okay?" Jessica asked, standing away like she had some disease. She had forgotten everything that I have ever told her. Sophia was sitting in the floor across the room crying, still in the wet leggings. I slapped Jessica's head again as I walked past her to the small girl. I lifted her, making her jump and put her on the changing table. She seemed as if she was suffocating, unable to get oxygen.

"Hey, sh, sh. It's okay. It's normal." I played with her hair until she caught her breath.

"I'm just gonna get you out of these wet clothes and into a diapee, okay?"  She shook her head, looking terrified.

"Well, you can't wear that, silly girl." I rubbed the dry side of her leg.

"N-No. I'm not a b-baby." Her breathing got rough again. Oh, so she doesn't get it.

"Oh really? I think you are a little bitty girl, who disserves to be treated like the little princess that she is. Let's at least get you out of these wet leggings while we talk. Okay? No diapee right yet." I tried to persuade her.

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