Chapter Sixteen: She's the reason.

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Chapter Sixteen: She's the reason.

Sunday, Noon.

MANDY placed her Prada bag on the desk in front of the brunette with a loud and overly dramatic bang.

"Lydia, what do you think you're doing hanging around with George?" She screeched, causing more heads to turn their way.

They were definitely going to be kicked out for disrupting the peace and that was something she was not going to let happen. The library was her place, she wasn't going to take that from me.

"We're friends" Lydia whispered harshly, Mandy was pissing her off big time. Sticking up her nose, Mandy walked away unsatisfied with the answer.

Chuckling Lydia returned to her book, that girl thought the world revolved around her but George didn't.

"Wait up!" Chris yelled, trying to keep up with his best friend. After years of running together, George always seems to be ahead.

Chuckling George slowed down into a jog, waiting for his best friend to catch up. He needed this run to clear his mind, the thinking wasn't his friend but when he was running he couldn't think about anything.

"Aren't you supposed to be resting?" Chris asked him, falling into step beside him. He shrugged, wiping the sweat off his forehead, "yeah, the finals tomorrow."

Chris grabbed his best friend's arm, making them both stop in their tracks," then why are we running? You're usually following coaches orders before a big game."

Out of the corner of his eye, George spotted the reason. She was smiling, walking along the pavement with earphones in, a book in her hands.

Chris followed his eyes to the girl on the other side of the street.

"She's the reason."


Chris is George's best friend and you'll be hearing from him a lot more throughout this book. So, hold onto your reins because this is gonna be one hell of a show.

KateAnnee :)

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