29-Richie Tozier Ending 2

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After Stan,Eddie and Mike left Richie goes to leave.

Richie then starts to walk away and I look down debating on if I should go or not.

I look up to find Beverly staring at me with a smirk.
I blush as she winks at me and nudges her head in his direction.

I nod and run off after him.
He's pretty far from the group,out of earshot and eyesight.

"Richie!"I call after him making him stop and turn around to look at me.

"What's up sweet cheeks?"he questions.

I blush and look away.

"I...I just wanted to say that....I didn't forget about what you said back at the well house"I say and he looks confused.

"When you uh...brought me back"I clarify making him blush bright red.

"Oh uh...Im sorry about that I was just saying what came to mind and I honestly thought that you would forget about that"he rambles and I look at him surprised.

"I just...I know that you don't return the feelings and if you don't just forget about that an-"I cut him off by smiling and standing on my tippy toes.

I reach up and put both my hands on his cheeks before connecting my lips to his.
He jumps in surprise before melting into it,he wraps his arms around my waist.
I lower my arms so they drape around his neck.

After a few seconds we pull away and he stands there with a bright red face.

"I-uh...um I,uh you-"he stutters over his words and I raise a brow before playfully rolling my eyes and kissing him one more time.

He doesn't hesitate to kiss back this time.

After another few seconds we pull away again and I giggle at his flustered state.

"I just wanted to say I love you too, trashmouth"I say giggling as he blushes a darker shade.

I hear the others talking and I look over in that direction.

"Hold on just one minute"I say putting up a finger before running back to the group.

"Hey bev"I say getting her attention making her turn around.

"Imma walk back with Richie ok?"I whisper so only she hears.

"MY DAWG RICHIE!"Bev yells which surprises me,but I still blush bright red.

"SHUT IT BEV!"I yell at her playfully,she laughs and I roll my eyes before running back to Richie who is blushing darker.

"You heard that didnt you?"I ask blushing as well,he just nods and I giggle before pecking his lips once more.

"That was supposed to be my line"he says and I laugh.

"Does this mean we're...he trails off and I giggle as I nod.

"If you want us to be..."I say stopping and looking at him,he instantly nods and I hug him.

He laughs and picks me up,spinning me around.

"Finally!"he yells out once he puts me down.
We stare at each other before leaning in once more,he wraps his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him.

I put a hand on his cheek leaving a deeper blood mark than before.

We pull away and smile before grabbing each other's hands and walking down the path.

              'I love you Richie Tozier'
                          THE END

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