Chapter 5

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''I swear to god- watch what I do when we get back'' he growls, fastening his pace as we near to the home of the seven vampires.


''Y/N!!!!'' Jimin screams from the window on spotting us. ''WHY DID YOU RUN AWAY?''

''I GOT KIDNAPPED!'' you yelled back, as Taehyung groaned.

''Are you trying to make me DEAF? Shut the fuck up!''

''rude much'' you scoffed. ''Jimin's wayy nicer than you''

''RIGHT?!!!?!'' Jimin yelled again, his eyes crinkled and a grin plastered onto his face.

''oh yeah? fine, go suck his toes or whatever. Don't come running back to me when you want a piggyback though'' he sticks his tongue out, slumping you onto the ground. ''get in'' he demands, towering over you.

''owh-and if I don't?''

''then...'' he bares his fangs into an animal like grin. ''I'll eat you''

''cute'' you reply sarcastically, dragging yourself through the door and slumping yourself onto the couch. You let out a deep, long sigh and lay still, contemplating life, until you hear a few distant snores.

You peer around, noticing most of the members were asleep. I guess their day was the night...

Your eyes hovering around the room in utter boredom, your eyes also begin to drift closed.

You awake to the sound of muffled whispers. ''you think she's some sort of spy? No, she looks too innocent...'' Hoseok says.

''innocent? hyung, trust me, I've seen her true colors today, she's actually quite mean!''

''Shutup Taehyung. In any case...we'll keep her for a few more days and see how it goes...''

You unintentionally shiver, as they turn to look at you in alarm. ''shhh, I think she's waking up!''

You slightly wince, looking through the half open slit in your eyes. Jin puts a blanket over at you and smiles. ''are you cold...?'' he asks, his smile growing wider as you open your mouth to speak. ''cuz I'd catch you anytime'' he lets out a raucous chuckle, as the rest remain unamused, either with a poker face or fiddling on their phones.

''come on it was a good one right?'' he slaps his thigh in laughter.

''that was dead'' Jungkook comments cooly, as Namjoon clears his throat beckoning everyone's attention.

''y/n...I think it's time we have serious discussion'' he announces, as they all nod in agreement. You clear your throat awkwardly and nod, intimidated by his empowering aura. Everyone held deep respect and reverence towards him when serious, it seemed. They all seated themselves comfortably around the room on the couches.

''we want to, or rather need to know who and where you came from...'' he begins, choosing his words carefully. ''to trust you...if we're going to let you live with us for the time being, we need to get to know you. So tell us, y/n. Speak yourself''

You gulp harshly. ''I...don't really know who I am. Yet. My thoughts are a haze, and I have no idea what or who I am myself. Also...'' you bite your lip expectantly. ''I get you need to know to trust me...but I need make sure I can trust you guys too. Since I have nowhere to go... I don't even know if I can trust you after last night...'' you recall the dreadful sensation of fangs biting through your skin.

''how do I know that won't happen again?'' you ask, your eyes burning in intensity as you glare at Taehyung, feeling for your bitten mark.

''don't look at me like that~ you'll make me want to bite you more'' he smirks, flashing me wink.

''Oh, don't worry Tae. I'll be the one to bite next time, after you took away MY chance!'' Jungkook retorts, baring his fangs.

''come on guys, don't be mean'' Jimin tells them, as you sigh in relief that there was someone who wasn't a psycho. ''ask her nicely before you bite!'' you roll your eyes and take back your thought.

''see? this is what I mean'' you tell Namjoon.

''guys'' he says sternly. ''we'll be going back to deer blood. No one even think about y/n's blood. Got it?''

''says you'' Yoongi sniffs. ''you're like the most horniest and kinkiest when we turn, wys'' he savagely remarks, as Jin coughs away his giggle.

''uhm excuse! You know what, it was Tae. He started it!'' Namjoon declares, his serious self dissipated within seconds.

Taehyung shrugs, unrepentant. ''one of you were gonna bite her anyway, I might as well been the first. Right, y/n?'' he smiles cutely, giving you a thumbs up.

''fuck you''

''you wish'' he wriggles his eyebrows, as Hoseok shoots him a glare. ''stop ruining her innocence!''

''Ok guys that's enough'' Namjoon claps his hands, peering outside. ''we need to hunt before it gets dark''

''what for?'' you ask.

''what, you want us to suck on you again? We gotta hunt for our food y'know'' Taehyung and Yoongi say, clicking their tongues.

''yup, and y/n, you're coming with us''

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