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"Is this good enough?" David asked for the eightieth time, turning the phone to face me once again. I frowned, shook my head, and swiped until his phone was back to the camera.

"This is going on your account with like two bajillion followers, and you want just an okay picture? I have to look pretty or I'm going to get bullied," I snapped and David nodded understandingly. He allowed me another second to pose, then snapped about three more pictures. I scrolled through them and finally nodded on the last one, watching him sigh in relief. "Send it to me and I'll Facetune it."

"You don't need to facetune it; you look beautiful," he smiled and my heart kind of melted for a second, until I realized Corinna and Todd were sitting right next to us in the restaurant. He didn't mean it; he was saying it so they'd think we were relationship goals.

"I'm still going to facetune it," I laughed, giving him a small thank you smile when I received the picture. "Thanks, babe."

I edited the photo to my liking, and he posted it a few minutes later with the caption Ariana was right (as always)!!! God really is a woman.

We had actually asked Todd and Corinna to lunch for an important reason. Jason, who knew the true story of why David and I were together, had informed us that Todd was asking around about us, and his questions were hitting a little too close to home. Todd was home during my desperate knocking on the vlog squad's door, yelling about the USC party from three weeks ago. He had put together that we had only just met, and he was asking Scott and Corinna and Jason questions that they couldn't answer (Scott and Corinna, because they didn't know and Jason, because have you ever seen a non-disclosure agreement?).

After a discussion with Jack and David, we came to the conclusion that it'd be best just to tell Todd and Corinna what was happening instead of letting him wonder out loud until he found out.

"So, we actually asked you guys to hang out for a reason," David said once we got our food and everything settled down. Todd and Corinna seemed thoroughly confused, which was a good sign. Maybe they didn't know as much as David and I assumed they did. "Sloane and I met a month ago, not six."

"Wait," Corinna furrowed her brows, covering her mouth that was still filled with food. "Why are you telling us this?"

"Todd knows too much," David answered, eyes flickering from me to the couple. "He heard her say we hadn't known each other for long, and he kept asking people questions as to why we were lying."

"Yeah, I knew there was something up," Todd nodded in agreement, oddly smug. He must've been proud of himself for his detective work, which found literally nothing except the fact that something was up. "You're pregnant, right?"

Okay, maybe not absolutely nothing.

Corinna's jaw dropped, and she almost laughed, like she didn't believe the words coming out of his mouth. Our solemn nods shut her up.

"You're kidding."

We were, most definitely, not kidding.

"Shut the fuck up!" she whisper yelled, her eyes solely focused on David. "Wow, the amount of times you have called me a slut and now you knock up some random stranger? What was it, a one night stand?"

Our silence answered her question, and a giggle bubbled out of her throat.

"I knew I saw a pregnancy test in the bag you brought it, but I thought I must've been seeing things. Jesus Christ, dude," Todd slapped a hand on David's back. "Congratulations, I guess."

"Thanks, man," David's hand found mine. "We're excited."

"So, the whole story is just made up?" Corinna clarified.

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