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Annabeth's POV: Earlier on...

When we arrive at the Brawn's tribe camp, my jaw drops. Food and supplies are everywhere, like I mean, everywhere. "They can't be this messy," I mutter, picking my way around the camp carefully.

Nico takes in the sight and raises an eyebrow, "Someone got here before us."

What? No, that's not possible. That wasn't in the plan. That wasn't supposed to happen. My thoughts whirl around me like a tornado. Leo looks to me and as if reading my mind, he comments, "Come on Annabeth, this is Survivor, anything can happen. In fact," He steps over rice spilled everywhere. "The unexpected is expected so much it becomes even more unexpected."

"I'm sorry...what?" Hazel says, shaking her head at Leo, smirking.

Leo shrugs, "It's true."

Rolling my eyes, I look back to the crime scene and immediately feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. "You don't think..."

Connor, who was talking to Travis, glances at me, "You don't think what?"

Travis now looks between us, and catches on, "That's not possible."

Turning to him, I snap, "But isn't it?"




Leo throws his hands up in the air, "Oh for the love of Hephaestus! Just spit it out already!"

Travis meets my eyes, "We aren't alone."

Percy's POV: Right before tribal...

When we're about to leave camp, I do a double check that all of my belongings are with me, including extra food. Piper told me what her tribe was going to be doing, and then add that onto Annabeth's and there you go, our camp is destroyed. Oh, Poseidon I hope Annabeth knows what she's doing.

Annabeth's POV:

Leo just stares at us for a second, reminding me of Chandler looking at Joey in Friends, "What do you mean, 'we aren't alone'? You make it sound like a horror movie or something."

"I think I prefer the horror movie," Connor murmurs, walking around the perimeter, his eyes scanning the place.

Sighing, I explain to Leo, "It means we aren't the only tribe sabotaging tonight."

Hazel takes a step forward, "But it can't be the Brawns tribe..."

"So, it must be the Beauty tribe," Nico finishes for her.

"Don't we need them on our side? Isn't this a good thing?" Leo questions.

I nod, lowering my voice, "But that doesn't mean they won't do the same to us, or that they know what we were about to do to them."

"HELLO?!" Connor yells into the trees, making us all jump. "WE KNOW YOU'RE STILL OUT THERE! COME BACK!"

"Connor," Travis whispers furiously. "What in the name of Hermes are you doing, idiot?"

He doesn't reply back, as people emerge from the trees. My eyes, that have to squint because of the setting sun, fall onto the Beauty tribe who honestly looks terrified. Holding up my hands, I reassure them, "We aren't the Brawns tribe, we are on your side."

"Actually, you did our job for us, plus-" Leo says. I elbow him before he releases any more unwanted information. "Ouch," Leo whispers-screams, glaring at me.

"Sorry but not sorry," I whisper back. Then raising my voice again, I say, "After coming here, we were actually going to go watch the Brawns tribe's council, want to come to join?"

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