Chapter 3

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Kassie's POV

5 days. 5 FUCKING DAYS WITHOUT FOOD. Did Mr. PHYCO over there not realise it was A BASIC HUMAN NEED?!?!?!

I knew it. I knew I was just kept around to be killed. THIS WASN'T FAIR. I had a life to live, hopes, dreams, ambitions and I was going to die at the mere age of 16.

And I would do ANYTHING not to die in the hands of... I grimaced at the thought of his name.

Although I was perplexed, if HE wanted me dead, then why was I still reciving water. If your going to kill someone, just kill them, don't GIVE THEM FUCKING MIXED SIGNALS!

I sighed, swallowing the lump in my throat, I was thirsty, and hungry, but I've already made that clear. I should be about time for my daily glass of water.

Unless.. this was the day that Sir. Phyco had decided to kill me.

I was quickly proven wrong when I heard footsteps approaching the door and the long process of unlocking the door. Man, there must be ATLEAST eight locks on that thing.

I had gotten so used to the dark that when I was introduced to light for a few short seconds every day, I felt like I was looking directly at the sun.

And guess who strode in, smug as ever. HARRY. And then he was followed by the delightful smell of.... FOOD.

I was willing to get on my hands and knees for that plate of edible goodies. And I didn't even know what it was. It' could be dog food for all I care. He placed it a arms length away, I reached to grab it but couldn't reach far enough I was so close, I was surely going to die in here. My head fell in disappointment.

My eyes looked longingly at the food. I could see roast chicken, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas and a Yorkshire pudding to top it off.

I faced Harry. He stared disaprovingly at me. I tried to find the courage to plead for the food, but all I could do was mouth the word, "Please..." before I concluded that my voice was too dry to try to speak any longer.

Harry crouched down, and looked directly into my eyes. I tried to telepathically speak to him, but my even my mind was to weak to send messages.

"So you think I'm giving you this," he paused, "Delicious plate of food?" He could see the expression on my face as he told me I wasn't getting fed. "But, I can't let you starve," he smiled, "No, that would be cruel." He caressed my cheek,"Even for you, an ungrateful peice of nothing." He pulled something out of his pocket and threw it at me. I tried to catch it but my hands couldn't move that far, I winced at the rattle of the chains.

It was a small granola bar, I looked disappointed at Harry. "What do you say?" He implied.

"Th-thank y-you" I stuttered. He grabbed the plate of food and left. That was the last straw. I couldn't do it anymore. And I cried.

"SHUT UP!!!" I could hear Harry scream through the door. I silenced myself, not wanting to revive further punishment.

I ate the granola bar, it was nothing special, but it was food. I was going to live another day. Yay for me.

Harry's POV

"Ungrateful bitch," I muttered, Amelia would always thank me immediately for everything I gave her, Amelia was everything Kassie wasn't. Amelia was... perfect.

I could hear sirens outside, the police had been searching for Kassie for days, I didn't see the point in searching for her, no-one wanted her, not after her mother was forced to abuse her. If her mother had called the police to search for Kassie, then I was going to walk over to her and kill her myself. After all, you cannot stop at one murder, two won't hurt anybody.

I heard a knock on the door. I expected the police to come over this way, I breathed a sigh of relief, I was SO glad I soundprofed Kassie's room. Amelia never needed her room to be soundprofed, but then again Amelia was an angel on earth. And Amelia was all mine.

I heard a knock again, I was do lost in my thoughts about Amelia that I completely forgot about the Police. I confidently approached the door, remembering the things that father taught me.

I took a deap Breath in and opened the door, there before me stood a single officer, he looked exhausted and weary, his crystal blue eyes looked like they hadn't slept in days and his hair was droopy and greasy. It was evident in the man's appearance that he hasn't had much time for self-care.

"Good morning" He scoffed, "I am here to inform you that that there is a girl, Kassie Dudding, who has gone missing recently and we are patrolling the nearby neighbourhoods for information on her whereabouts, here is a file on her information incase you have spotted her." He said this as he had said it a million times, he face sagged as he held out a file with all of Kassie's information on it. "Thank you for your time." And he left.

That was it? No questions? No interrogation? No searches? Nothing??

Wow, this kidnapping thing was getting WAY to easy. If only it was this easy with Amelia, but then again, Amelia was an angel, everyone wanted an angel, but she was mine.
All mine.

Kassie is all mine. But I'm not entirely sure if I want Kassie yet. She isn't nearly as perfect as Amelia.

My head turned and one thingb was racing through my mind, Kassie. Then I heard the clanking of chains and the breaking of a door. HOW IN THE WORLD HAD SHE MANAGED TO GET OUT?!??!

Fuck, fuck FUCK!! Is all that went through my mind, and then after a few seconds of standing deadly still with shock. I began to panic again, this had never happened before, I sprinted into the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife I could find.

I glanced outside, aware that the police were still in the area. I breathed, calming myself. Kassie didn't have a chance. I had a giant knife and she was defenceless.

I heard swift footsteps approaching the kitchen, and I tenced, if it came to it, I was willing to kill her if it meant she wasn't going to escape.

And then I saw her, she looked like a mess, her Brown crurls were no longer cascading down her face like a model. They were a mess, greasy and hideous. Which pretty much described her life at the moment.

But then I saw a different light about her. And reminded myself why I chose her, she looked just like Amelia.

But I knew that this was no reunion with my one true love. It was a lesson, a punishment.

And boy, she was gonna pay.


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