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Bill stood in front of a pile of junk on the ground.
His face held many emotions.


I heard him let out a shaky breath before kneeling down and picking up something.
I walked closer to see a tiny,yellow little tranchcoat.

I gasp and cover my mouth.
I go next to him and hug him tightly as he puts it up to his face and starts crying.

"Bill....im so so so so sorry"I whisper to him as I put my head on his shoulder.

The others came over.

"Guys....the kids...their floating down" Eddie says as he watches the missing kids slowly float down.

Bill cries as we all pull him in for a hug.
I start tearing up as well,I hug him tighter.

"Bill..."I whisper.

(Time skip to September!)
(Emily pov)
We all sat around in a circle as Beverly explained what she saw while she was in "floating mode"

I look around at everybody.
Eddie still wears his cast that says "Loser" with a b red "V" over the "S"
Stan has a bandage wrapped around his whole head.
I had the same problem,kind of.
I had a huge patch of gauze on both of my cheeks.
I also had bandages wrapped around my wrists and ankles.

"I can only remember parts..."She starts

"But...I thought I was dead"she says

"That's what it felt like"

"I saw us.
Us back together,at the sistern"Bev says and I perk my head up.

"I did too"I say making everyone look at me.

"When...I was in limbo,I saw an image of us"I say

"We were adults,and we were back there"I explain

"What were we doing there?"Bill asks

"I couldn't tell what we were there for but we had fear written all over our faces..."I say looking at everybody.

"I just remember how we felt"Bev says nodding at me.

"I don't think I can ever forget that..." Bev says and I look down nodding.

Bill suddenly stands up grabbing something off the ground.

"Swearing"he starts

If it isn't dead,if it ever comes back.
We'll come back too"Bill says as everybody looks at him.

Everyone glances around until me and Bev look at each other.
We nod and stand up at the same time.

Richie stands up next,then Eddie,then Stan then Ben and finally Mike.

Bill then puts,what I now recognize as a piece of glass,on his hand.
His face scrunches up in pain for a second and I realize,he just cut his hand.

Bill then turns to Richie who holds his left hand out for Bill to cut.
Bill lowers the glass onto Richie's hand and pushes down.

Richie's squeezes his eyes shut for a moment before opening them and moving his hand up and down before holding his hand to his chest while mouthing


I giggle loudly resulting in him playfully glaring at me.
Next is Eddie who holds out his left hand,which isn't in the cast.

Bill goes around and does that to everybody until he does me last.
I was sitting in the middle of everybody.

Once everyone's hands have been cut, Bill goes to stand in his original spot.
I go and stand in between Bill and Richie.

Bill then connects his right hand to Beverly's left hand,which is soaked in blood.
Bev's right hand holds Ben's left and so on.

I hold Bill's bloody left hand while Richie holds my bloody left hand.
We all stand in a circle and I look around,smiling at everybody.

I couldn't ask for better friends.
After all of this we are still together.
We stand holding each other's hands for a moment before letting go.

"I gotta go"Stan says quickly.

We all look over to Stan to see him glancing around before looking at Bill.

"I hate you"he says with a straight face making me frown,Stan notices and tries to hide his smile but ends up laughing.

I smile big and join in on the short lived laughter.

"Ill...see ya later"Stan says before turning and walking away.
Another short chapter because this is where the second set of choices comes in!

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