23-Bill Denbrough Ending 1

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Bill had made it to Emily first.

"Emily!"the stuttering boy called out as he kneeled down next to her.
Bill rolled Emily over onto her back noticing the huge cuts on both of her cheeks.

Tears welled up in Bill's eyes as he looked into Emily's dull ones.

W-w-w-w-what do I do?!"Bill sobbed looking between the boys and Bev who were on the verge of tears as well.

"Emily!"Bill called out as he grabbed his crushes hand and held it in his.

He had came to terms with liking the girl a long time ago but never said anything because
1.He was pretty sure the other boys liked her too
2.He had thought that he liked Beverly
3.He had never had feelings that strong for somebody

"Please..."Bill whispered as he placed his head onto Emily's stomach which wasn't moving.

"Bill..."Stan whispered as he placed a hand on the crying boys' shoulder.

The others had grouped around Bill and brought each other into a group hug as they watched the scene unfold.

Bill sat sniffling as he placed Emily's head onto his lap.

"P-p-p-p-please...Emily"Bill whispered as he moved the hair out of the unconscious girl's face.

"You're my best friend.
I can't live without you,if I lose you now I won't be able to live myself.
Please Emily,you're the best thing that ever happened to me.
If you leave us now,I don't know what we will do..."Bill said not stuttering once as he lifted Emily up a bit and hugged her somewhat lifeless body.

"Us losers would be different without you,you complete us and if we lose you we wouldn't be complete ourselves.
W-w-w-w-w-we love you too much to lose you now"Bill finished as he cried more.

The others watched with sadness as their best friend still laid limp in the stuttering boys lap.

"Please...."Bill whispered again as he placed Emily's head in his lap once more.

"I.....I love you,and im not afraid to admit that now"

"I-I-I-I-I love you and I don't want to lose you!"

As I sat in the dark void I could faintly hear some mumbling.
I looked around even though it's pointless.

"Guys....?"I question but get cut off by a bright light appearing.
I cover my eyes but squint them as the light becomes a little bit duller.

I slowly start to walk towards the light as I hear the mumbling become somewhat louder.

As I get closer to the light I start to see figures.

"G-guys.....?"I question once more,my voice shaking out of fear.

Soon,the light comes closer itself as it projects images of me...and Bill.
The losers club,us all together.

The pictures of me and Bill are of us when we first met.
I smile at them and continue watching them.

Some of then are from when we hung out.
Us at the quarry.
Us riding our bikes away from Bowers.
Me helping him with his stutter.

As I watch them the mumbling turns into low talking to which I still can't make out.

The last picture shows,Bill leaning over something as the others huddle around him with tears on their cheeks.

The picture then moves to show what Bill is huddled over and I gasp at what it is.

"I....I love you,and im not afraid to admit that now"I hear Bill whisper as he hugs my body.
I notice that my eyes are a dull, clouded color and that my body is limp.

"Bill"I say before the void starts to become lighter and lighter.

"I-I-I-I-I love you and I don't want to lose you"Bill adds stuttering and I feel my cheeks heat up.

Suddenly,just before I wake up I see one last picture.
It's of us.
The losers club.

But we are....adults..and we are back in the sewers.
We have fear written all over our faces.
Before I can get a closer look my vision comes back as I gasp for air.

I look around seeing Bill above me along with the other losers.

"Emily!"Bill exclaims as he hugs me tight,crying onto my shoulder.

"Bill...?"I question as I hug him back.

I sit up and look around placing a hand on my face.
I feel liquid touch my finger so I pull it back to see blood.

I look up at the others and see that they have tear stained cheeks.

"Guys..?"I ask

"I...I thought you left me!"I exclaim

Emily,it was a trick IT played on you we never left we were there the entire time"Bev explains and I look down guilty.

"I'm sorry.
I was stupid and believed IT but I should have known you would never leave me..."I say as I feel a pair of arms wrap around me,I look and see Bill.
I smile and hug back,the others smile as well and join in.

"I love you so much"Bev says as she hugs me next,I giggle and hug her.

"I love you too Bever"I say as I feel her shake her head.

The others chuckle a bit but soon,it turns to erie silence.

"Is IT gone?"I ask looking at them as I stand up.

"For now...."Bill says and I nod sighing.

"So...what do we do now?"Eddie asks, I look over and notice he is covered in some type of weird,green,liquid.
I look over everyone else and see that Stan has two huge teeth marks on either side of his face.

I raise my hand up and feel the right side of my face.
I hiss as I come into contact with a deep gash.

I feel the other side to find out that I have a huge cut from my hairline down to my jaw.
I looked down to my wrists and see a few scrapes along with bright red marks,same on my ankles.

My legs are covered in dirt and blood and some other nasty things.
I sigh and feel my hair which is damp with nasty sewage water,clumped with dirt,and sticky with blood.

I look up and over at Bill to find him looking at me.
I smile and hug him.

"Thank you"I say,he hugs back and I stuff my face into his shoulder.

"For what?"he asks confused

"For bringing me back"I say before he pulls away and starts walking towards something.
I watch his movements and see him stop to stand in front of something.

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