Chapter Fifteen: She was right beside him but her mind so far away.

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Chapter Fifteen: She was right beside him but her mind so far away.

Saturday Night.

ANGIE is a ball of energy.

That was Lydia's first thought as the eight-year-old wrapped her petite arms around her left leg.

"Please don't go. George, make her stay. Please?" She begged as she gave them both her best puppy dog eyes which usually worked on him, but not today.

"Sorry, Annie. She'll be back soon, don't worry," George promised her and he always kept his promises.

Reluctantly, the curly blonde let go of Lydia's leg and stood up.

"Next time you come over, we are having a sleepover." She was clearly stating that as a fact and there was no room for discussion.

Lydia smiled.  "I can't wait."

This girl was too nice for her own good, yet she was not a pushover.

"She looks just like you," Lydia said as he drove her home. She didn't know what to say. Whatever that was about to come out of her mouth would've been embarrassing.

She wanted him to know that meeting his sister was fun. She'd happily do it again, but that would be creepy, wouldn't it?

He could see that her mind was taking her far away from here and he didn't want that. Overthinking is never a good thing.

"You know, a wise person once told me that you should just grow balls and spit it out. It worked. Well, at least for me it did, wanna try it?"

She grinned. "I was thinking that today was fun and I'd like to do it more often. Spend time with you, that is."

And just like that.

His heart was completely and utterly hers.


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