Chapter Fourteen: We are all in the same league, my love.

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Chapter Fourteen: We are all in the same league, my love.

Saturday Evening.

HE texted Lydia after Cara had let him off early. He didn't want to annoy Lydia by texting her daily.

"Grow some balls and just do it!" Cara had told him before he left the office.

How he and Cara ended up talking about his love-life was a mystery, but he didn't mind. He needed a female's input.

Lydia smiled as sat in the passenger seat and buckled in her seatbelt.

"So, I have a fan?"

Lydia's mind went into overdrive when she read the text George had sent her. She didn't really know of anyone being 'obsessed' with her. Secretly she wished it was him, but she knew it wasn't.

It couldn't be. He was out of her league.

He grinned, showing off his straight white pearly teeth.

" Yup. She's a bit crazy. Are you ready to meet her?"

Nodding, Lydia replied a confident "Yes" as he pulled out of the driveway.

A few minutes later, George parked in front of a regular two story house, but it was far from normal. Why? It was different because George lived here. Only a select few from school have been here.

He smiled at her. She was amazed by the house. It was as if he'd just told her his biggest secret. He didn't though, not yet.

The front door opened revealing Angie Scott, an eight-year-old that meant the world to her brother.

"She, Lydia Jackson, is your biggest fan. After me, of course."


So, Angie Scott has arrived in person!! How are you all today?

KateAnnee :)

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