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[[I just realized that I never actually introduced the characters and their roles so I'll make that chapter and put it in the beginning so it's less confusing lmao oops]]

[Caller ID xxx-xxx-xxxx]

His palms began to sweat as the ringing of the device clutched in his palm as it continues to drag on, spiking his anxieties up with every deafening tone.

"Is it normal to like someone so much after knowing them for such little time, maybe he thinks im a pedo or something.."

He mumbled aloud, but at this point his stress was hitting his mind in different places and all he needed was relief from the tension in his mind. The aurburn haired male immediately shut his thoughts up at the sound of shuffling on the other side of the line, as he didn't waste a second to try to acknowledge who it was

"Hello? joonie is that you?"

"H-hewo J-J-jinnie h-hyung!"

The said man let out a sigh in relief and chuckled lightly to himself, glad that it really was his joonie and not some 50 year old man after some ass.

"I thought I told you to call me Seokjin hyung didn't I?"

His heart fluttered at the sound of an adorable giggle on the other side of the line along with the audible voices of other people around the younger.

"S-sowwy h-hyungie I forgot..."

There it was again, that squeaky giggle that messsed up his brain and caused a small tint of read to spread through his already flushed cheeks. Small talk was almost nonexistant as the two quickly got accustomed to each other and were able to engage in normal conversations about life, themselves, or just anything going on.

The younger was just enjoying new company and a new friend, although he did take notice of the deep voice of the man on the other side of the line, along with his stern yet playful sweet tone in his voice that sent shivers down his spine, making him let out an inaudible whine every once in a while.

But the elder was focusing on the little things, that were oh so precious to him. The sound of his delicate, sultry voice over the small electronic device. Even though his diction, the younger's innocence was definitely present in his mind that just gave Jin the urge to want to just hug him, and huddle his baby away from all evil in the world and keep him in his arms forever, become his shining knight in armor, to protect him. Before they knew it, it was already 21:00 and both of them had to go to bed soon for their respective reasons.

"It's alright baby, but it was nice of you to let me talk to you like this, we shoud do it again sometimes"

"W-wait one m-mowe thing,"

"Yes, is everything okay sweetie?"

"W-why do y-you c-call j-j-joonie all these n-nice t-things?"

"You don't like it? I can stop if you want to"

"I-I'm not used to being, well, called nice things, m'not vewy nice..."

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, who would say something like that to such a sweet kid as Namjoon.

"Who said that to you, I can have a little chat with them if you want"

"N- u dun, ish fine.."

"For another time?"

The younger nodded not realizing that the latter couldn't see him but the sound of shuffling on the other side gave it away as he let out a small chuckle that made Namjoon shudder.

"Words baby, I cant see you through a phone"

The dark haired boy blushed brightly at his silly action before mumbling a small 'okay' in response to the elder.

"So you're not denying that you like it?"

Namjoon could practically hear the sly smirk on the elders face through his speech.

"You can't lie to me baby, we wouldn't want that, now would we?"

He almost let out a needy whine in embarrassment of being found out about his next move. Just the way he spoke to him just makes his insides melt to putty for unknown reasons. He hid behind his sweater paws in utter shyness, even If the latter couldn't see him.

"N-no h-hyungie"

"Good, so what else were you going to ask me? I have to go to bed soon and you do too peach, you have school remember?"

"M-mm, y-you f-fiwst"

"Okay, but promise me that what I'm about to tell you will e the entire truth, and I don't want you to feel pressured or anything okay baby?"


"Do you want to meet up somewhere, I really wanna meet my little princess"

"R-really?? I- I was g-gunna a-ask the same t-thing! Obe c-course I wanna!"

He chucked t the sound of they younger and how excited he sounded to meet him.

"Alright pumpkin calm down, save the excitement for when we actually met, how about we meet at 13:30 next Saturday, I'll pick you up from the N and 9th street intersection, that's near where you live I believe, how does that sound hmm?"


"Great, I'll see you then baby"

The younger boy was so happy he was practically rolling all over the floor squealing with happiness that he almost didn't hear the latter on the phone again

"Oh and one more thing kitten"

"O-oh, w-what i-is it h-hyungie?"

"Make sure you dress up pretty for hyungie"


The nickname petal makes me soft but I'm gonna save that for the good shit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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