Chapter Twelve: A stubborn Angel.

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Chapter Twelve: A stubborn Angel.

Saturday morning.

HIS shift started an hour ago. He was a regular volunteer at Adam's Garage downtown. They had it hard with a new garage opening up with most of their men leaving to work there.

George knew the Adam's and decided he'd help out whenever he could. He'd want someone to do the same for him.

"Scott? Did you not listen to me last week? Get out of my garage, boy!" Mr. Adam's yelled at him as he waved an oil-covered rag in the air.

George shook his head. He didn't care about his empty threat. He wanted to help even if the match on Monday was important and that he should be resting instead.

Mr. Adam shook his head at the stubborn boy standing in the middle of his garage. He knew George wasn't going to leave.

"All right, you can work, but you're doing the books. There is no way I'm being responsible for you not winning this final." He pointed at George with a stern expression on his face. "You better win this, boy."

Nodding, George smiled at him.

"Don't worry John, we've been practicing for this."

With that, he walked past John Adam's and into the office where his daughter, Cara, sat flicking through the records.

She was a primary school teacher, but worked at the garage whenever she had a chance. She was the boss while John was more of the guy you could mess around with.

"We gotta sort through this pile of records," Cara stated pointing at the stack of books stack in the main desk.

This was gonna be a long day.


So, this was more background for George than cute moments between Lydia and him. How did you guys like it?

KateAnnee xx

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