Chapter 55: An Yize Turned His Head Around, Slowly Saying:

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Chapter 55: An Yize Turned His Head Around, Slowly Saying: “Someone Gifted You Roses?”

Although he said that, after many days of work, Su Jian gradually got used to it.

As usual, he was still not so familiar with the lessons. However, because he could listen and learn from other lessons, he could still teach decently by reproducing most of the other teachers’ teaching. Although the students were a little lively, once teacher Su had experienced it, he wasn’t as surprised anymore. After getting used to it, Su Jian actually thought that such lively lessons were also quite interesting.

Initially Su Jian still made some efforts to look dignified. However, as time went on, Su Jian who was influenced by the lively children could no longer control himself and revealed his true personality.

There was once a lesson when Su Jian finished teaching but saw that there were still two minutes left. Thus, he casually said, “There is still two minutes left but I have nothing more to teach. Let’s use the two minutes to talk about nonsense.” The moment the students heard that, they immediately said that they would gladly welcome it. Su Jian was also getting interested so he easily commented on the latest hot news. The students listened with great enjoyment and were still yearning for more even after the lesson had ended. Ever since then, after every lesson, the students would ask enthusiastically, “Teacher, lets spend two minutes talking nonsense!”

Su Jian: “……”

There was another time during a lesson when a boy suddenly raised his hands and asked Su Jian for a break, saying that he wished to go to the washroom. Initially, Su Jian allowed him to do so. However, Su Jian soon realised that when the lesson ended, the boy was still not back.

After the lesson, Su Jian walked out of the classroom and saw the boy putting his arm around a mate who came out to play after the lesson, laughing happily.

Su Jian squinted his eyes.

During class the next day, the boy raised his hand again and said that he wanted to go to the washroom once again. His left hand was holding a box of tissues while his right hand was covering his stomach. He was frowning and his expression looked extremely painful and realistic.

Su Jian hesitated for a moment. He thought that whether it was true or not, it would be bad to make someone hold it in. Therefore, he allowed him to go ultimately.

The boy escaped outside very quickly. Naturally, he did not come back once again.

Su Jian: “……”

After he thoroughly understood the meaning of “If you’re too kind you will be bullied, if you’re a nice teacher you will be ridiculed by your students”, when the boy raised his hands once again to go to the washroom, Su Jian still allowed him to go. However, after a moment, he said to everyone, “Everyone please self study for 5 minutes,” and went out of the classroom.

The boy had wanted to head down the stairs. The moment he saw Su Jian, he changed his direction immediately and walked towards Su Jian with an upright look.

Su Jian asked warmly, “Why did you take so long?”

The boy covered his stomach, “My stomach feels a little uncomfortable. It’s taking a very long time to… Teacher, I’m sure you understand.”

“Oh?” Su Jian looked up and glanced at the male washroom at the side. He suddenly grabbed the boy’s arm and headed inside the washroom.

The boy was shocked. “Teacher, this is a male washroom!”

Su Jian gave a bright smile. “I know.” After he finished speaking, he said a “hey”. Seeing that there was no response from inside the washroom, he pulled the boy and walked in familiarly.

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