Chapter 54: The Students in Class Two are Especially Famous For Their Livelines

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Chapter 54: The Students in Class Two are Especially Famous For Their Liveliness In Our Department

The end of the holidays slowly arrived. After two days, Sister An returned to school. While Su Jian had yet to finish feeling sad, the day to work arrived.

The night before he started working, Su Jian laid on the bed and kept flipping around.

Seeing that, An Yize asked, "What's wrong?"

Su Jian honestly said, "I have to start working tomorrow. I feel a little nervous." If it was an ordinary job, he wouldn't be worried. However, this time, he had to be a teacher. As an upright youth, he was a little worried that he would drag the students down due to his incompetence and irresponsibility.

However, An Yize thought that Su Jian was feeling nervous having to meet strangers with his amnesia. He touched Su Jian's face, "I remembered that you once said that your students are quite fond of you."

That's the worst, okay? Su Jian wrinkled his face, "What if I go back this time and they stop liking me?" Actually, he wasn't really concerned about a bunch of teenagers liking him or not. However, it was not a good thing if the previous and the current was too different.

An Yize replied, "That won't happen."

Su Jian's heart calmed down slightly. He cast a glance at An Yize, "You sure are confident about me."

An Yize did not say anything and only gently patted him. "Sleep."

Su Jian closed his eyes obediently. An Yize stared at him for a while before pulling the blanket higher over him.

Although he was feeling worried before his sleep, Su Jian slept extremely soundly. In the morning, An Yize had to wake him up.

"Morning..." Su Jian greeted him dazedly. Then he closed his eyes and buried his face in An Yize's embrace, continuing his sleep.

An Yize shook him. "Jian Jian, wake up. Don't you have work today?"

Su Jian continued staying still. After a while, he suddenly shot up. With messy hair, he exclaimed, "Oh right! I almost forgot!" Saying so, he jumped down the bed with flying speed.

When An Yize saw him hurrying, almost knocking into the washroom door, he said with knitted brows, "No need to rush, I will send you to school later."

Su Jian did not look back, but he stretched his hand backwards, showing An Yize a thumbs up.

A trace of smile appeared in An Yize's eyes. He got up neither quickly nor slowly.

After tidying themselves and finishing their breakfast, the two of them prepared to go to work.

Mother An said with a straight face, "Why are you so energetic for work? A woman should be staying at home, helping her husband and educating her children." Sister An had left first and now Su Jian was leaving too. To add on, father An had been going out a lot recently. The originally lively house suddenly quietened down. No one was accompanying mother An to watch the television drama, making her feel unhappy.

Su Jian said with a wry smile, "But mom, Yize is also going to work. Therefore, he doesn't need me to take care of him. Moreover, we don't have any children. There's no need for me to educate them."

Mother An stared at his belly and raged, "Then the two of you should quickly give birth to a child! You've been married for almost half a year, why is there still no news from you!"

Su Jian felt awkward and cast a glance at An Yize. An Yize said indifferently, "Mom, Jian Jian and I do not plan to have a child yet."

"How can that do?" Mother An was not satisfied, "Xiao Ze, from now on, contraception is not allowed for the two of you!"

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