Chapter 53: "You Can't Possibly Take Care Of Me Forever Could You?" "Why Not?"

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Su Jian panted as he sat up and suddenly realized that An Yize who had fallen off the bed had no signs of movement after a long while.

Su Jian started getting worried. Don’t tell me it got ruined by the kick?

When he thought of this possibility, he couldn’t help but felt a little guilty. As a man, he knew how painful it was being kicked there. Being kicked there when it was at its hardest point was a torturous pain and one would rather die. There was also the fear of not being able to reproduce ever again. Most importantly, it would be the loss of a man’s pride…

Su Jian put himself in his shoes. He silently felt that kick of his seemed to be too cruel. No matter what he said, although An Yize’s actions earlier weren’t very kind, he did enjoy it. Cough…

Su Jian stuck his head out and asked cautiously, “Yize, are you… okay?”

An Yize got up from the floor with great difficulty. Silently laying back down onto the bed, he turned away from Su Jian with his back facing Su Jian and didn’t reply.

Su Jian moved over cautiously. Stretching out his fingers, he poked An Yize’s back.

An Yize still did not make any sound.

Su Jian said behind him, “Although I scared you on purpose, you’re the one who wanted me to wear this clothes as a gift for you. You didn’t set a rule on when I should wear it.”

An Yize still did not move.

Su Jian poked him again. Scrunching his eyebrows, he said, “Fine. Even if it was my fault for scaring you, you shouldn’t execute your revenge this way!”

An Yize turned around helplessly and sighed. “This is not my revenge.”

Initially, Su Jian was happy. However, he soon restrained from showing his happiness and humphed. “You’re finally willing to talk? I even thought you were asleep!”

An Yize did not speak once again.

Su Jian asked in embarrassment, “Is it… very painful?”

An Yize answered silently, “What do you think?”

Su Jian replied, “Isn’t that because you got turned… Wait. Did you just say that this wasn’t your revenge?”

An Yize replied with an “En”.

Su Jian was a little surprised. “You really like this type?”

An Yize didn’t say anything.

Su Jian instantly took it as his silent acknowledgement. Enlightened, he said, “Alright, I understand.”

Within the dark, An Yize looked at him. “Really?”

Su Jian replied, “Really.”


Once the two of them stopped talking, they went to sleep. When they woke up the next morning, they were sticking to each other as intimately as always.

Experiencing this for a few months, Su Jian was already numb to this scene and was used to it. Adjusting himself into a more comfortable position in An Yize’s embrace, he intended to sleep for a while more.

However, while he was moving, his leg happened to bump into something.

When Su Jian first bumped into it, he felt awkward. However, as time passed, other than feeling a little envious, he no longer felt much about it.

However, when Su Jian bumped into it today, he first stiffened before he gradually felt relieved.

Su Jian looked up and realised that An Yize was already awake so he smiled at him faintly. “Yize.”

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