11. Friends, Rogues and Trust

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"This is where I see you off, Princess."

Bringing her back to the shore, Matthew's red eyes looked at her golden ones as he towered over her. "If you need me, just shout from your side, I will be there. But do remember, I cannot come to a place that has been marked as territory by wolves unless it is an emergency."

"Is there any other way I can call you if I need you?"

"Well," he said winking, "mind link? Or, here, keep this with you. Throw it down and crush it to call me." he said, giving her a small blue crystal. Athena smiled and nodded as she watched Matthew walk back into the small outgrowth.

I think I have made a friend.

Looking back out at the lake before her, she noticed Ryder coming towards her on a little boat, another wolf rowing it with him.

Stuck up piece of wolf crap.

"Get in, Athena, we are going to have a long talk."

"What if I don't want to? You don't keep your promises. The only one I am sure you will keep is hurting my family. What exactly is it that you want from me?"

"This is not a conversation I would like to have with you here, Athena. Get in the boat." He answered, glancing at the man who came with him.

"I will come back when I want to. I do not ever want you coming here looking for me again." She said, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Do not try me, pup!"

"Do not try me, Ryder."

She turned to the man in the boat. "Leave. Now. He will call you when you need to come back since, it seems, your leader cannot swim." The man paled slightly and clenched his jaw as he pushed himself off the shore and went back. She turned to look at a shocked Ryder. "What?"

"Did you just compel him to leave?"

"No, I just ordered him to, as is my right as Queen. I wouldn't have had to if you let me be. Now, talk Ryder. We have all the privacy in the world. And I am not budging from here until you tell me what exactly you want from me." She said, sitting down cross-legged, on the ground.

Pressing the bridge of his nose and sighing, Ryder sat down with her. "Your powers have started to awaken."

"What powers?"

Ryder seemed like he was trying to gather his thoughts so she waited awhile for a reply. But instead, he stared blankly at her. It soon became evident that he wasn't about to say anything and so, Athena stood up and walked into the water, readying herself for the swim back.

"You know where to find me if you need to talk."

Without waiting for another reply, she dived into the water, pushing against it in graceful moves, getting closer to the other side of the bank. It wasn't until she was halfway through that she saw something coming towards her, shimmering but fast, very fast. Panic slowly filled her and she felt a surge of adrenaline pass through her as she pushed herself to her limits to get to the other side as soon as she could. Swiftly, the creature came from under her and lifted her up, only to take her safely to the shore. When she looked down, she saw playful eyes looking back at her, a wink and after which, it disappeared into the waters once more. What was that thing? Shaking her head, she looked around until she found the man with the boat and asked him to go back to fetch Ryder as she walked into the mountains. The guards let her back in, knowing by now, who she was.

"Have the rogues been brought in?"

"Yes, Your Highness, they are in the cells right now."

"Alright, one of you, take me to the cells."

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