Chapter 50: Yize, Quick! Sister-In-Law Can't Swim!

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Su Jian was still in the midst of his shock when he suddenly felt someone approaching him from the side. He had a sudden shock. He turned around quickly and saw Ji Mingfei smiling at him from within the darkness.

It’s actually gay friend Ji! Su Jian felt quite marveled. He looked speechlessly as Ji Mingfei squatted at a comfortable spot beside him with a righteous face.

Behind the flower bush, two people who are wearing formal attire were watching the “show” with tacit understanding.

The conversation over there continued.

After Ji Yan’s said those shocking words, An Yize silently replied, “No, I’m not. I truly like her.”

Ji Yan did not believe him. “But she’s still a young girl.”

After a moment of silence, An Yize replied, “What I like about her is her pureness.”

Su Jian felt awkward. Pureness? Fine. Although he did feel that he was very righteous and kind since he respected the old and loved the young, he still felt awkward being described as “pure” by An Yize. He even said, “What I like about her is her pureness.” Hehe. An Yize, you finally exposed yourself? Looks like you really are into this. A thirty-year-old uncle liking a pure young woman, it seems that an uncle-loving loli is eternal!

Ji Mingfei heard An Yize’s words and immediately gave a silent thumbs up.

Initially, Su Jian was worried that Ji Mingfei would be sad. After all, Ji Mingfei probably had feelings for An Yize. First, he heard that An Yize had proposed to Ji Yan before. Then, in just a short moment, he heard An Yize saying that he liked himself. How could Ji Mingfei who was infatuated not be hurt? Unexpectedly, when he turned around, he saw Ji Mingfei’s face full of excitement. Su Jian immediately relaxed. In his heart, he thought: That’s right. So what if he had proposed? Wasn’t he rejected? So what if he likes me? It’s just An Yize’s acting to show affection! Therefore, gay friend Ji, you still have a good chance!

Over on that side, after hearing An Yize’s words, Ji Yan’s face slightly paled. However, she was still concerned, “However, does she really like you? I’ve heard that her family background isn’t great. What if she is aiming for your family background…”

Su Jian felt depressed. Although Ji Yan said it in a roundabout way, he understood the meaning behind her words very clearly. Isn’t she saying that he married An Yize for An Yize’s money? The way Queen Ji is acting is clearly trying to break An Yize and him apart!

Su Jian quietly asked Ji Mingfei, “Is Ji Yan marrying that Li whatever soon?”

Ji Mingfei nodded his head, “Yes, Li’s family second young master, Li Mingyi.”

With this, Su Jian couldn’t understand anymore. Ji Yan was going to be married soon. Previously, she said that she rejected An Yize’s proposal. Now that An Yize was married, why was she still coming here to persuade him otherwise?

Say, what is she doing this for?

Su Jian was so confused his small face was all scrunched up. Maybe Queen Ji hated him, so she felt that he was not suitable for An Yize? Maybe in her eyes, he was just a greedy person that was aiming for An Yize’s family wealth?

Su Jian was a little unhappy. Because he really did love An Yize only for his money.

Over at that side, after hearing her words, An Yize’s voice lowered. “Jian Jian is not such a person.”

Ji Yan’s voice was very gentle and contained the perfect amount of concern. “You can’t be so sure about whether she is or not now. You have only known her for a short while right? I don’t remember you talking about her before.”

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