⚫Chapter 5⚫

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Saturday, September 8

"Something is up with you," Saphira exclaimed as she braided my hair.

"What do you mean?" We were currently at the beach relaxing as the boys fooled around in the water.

"You've been thinking a lot lately."

I laughed feeling a bit confused.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Well, it's not good or bad, I'm just curious... what have you been thinking about?"

I made this little promise to myself that I wouldn't speak of his name at all.

To myself or to anyone.

"Uh, life?"

I passed her my hair tie as I watched Lucian push Blaike into the water.

"Mmh," Saphira hummed.

I knew she knew something was up with me, but I didn't dare to tell her.

"All done!"

I heard the sound of a photo being taken right before she reached out in front of me to show me my hair.

"Girl, I'm telling you. You're really good with hair," I exclaimed trying to move away from the previous topic.

"I guess..."

I got up from my towel and stretched my legs.

"Hey girls, wanna join us?" Nathan asked while taking a sip from his water bottle.

To be honest, I wasn't going to lie.

Nathan was pretty damn attractive, but he was nowhere close to Eli-

Leilani! Are you crazy? Stop thinking about him!

"Sure!" Saphira responded.

I slowly removed my thin dress feeling someone's eyes on me.

Once I was done, I looked up to see Nathan staring at me. I wasn't exactly sure what he was staring at because there was nothing to see. I literally had no curves at all. My boobs were an average size and my butt was round and petite.

"Let's go," I exclaimed while walking past him.

"Girl, he was literally checking you out," Saphira whispered as we both ran towards the water together.

"I know."


After our beach adventure, we drove back to our packhouse hoping to make it in time for dinner.

"Hi mommy," I exclaimed while giving my mother a warm hug.

"Hi, baby. Did you guys have fun today?"

"Other than Leilani pulling me under the water like five times, yes we did," Nathan said.

My mother laughed as she held on to me tighter.

"You asked for it..." I muttered underneath my breath.

"I heard that."

"Something smells really good," Saphira exclaimed while walking into the kitchen.

I left my mother with Nathan and followed my best friend into the kitchen.

"Wow, dad! You and Uncle Stefan are cooking!" I exclaimed while admiring them in their dirty aprons.

I watched Saphira give her dad a kiss on his cheek while I embraced the yummy smell of lasagna.

"Well, we haven't burned the kitchen down yet, so I think we're doing good so far," my dad exclaimed before turning around to check the oven.

"Dinner should be ready in around thirty minutes, so I want the boys to clear the table, Saphira to help the mothers with their children, and for Leilani to turn off the sprinkler and bring the clothing inside."

We immediately followed through with my mother's instructions. Our pack was the best pack. We were like one huge family. I enjoyed every second spent with all of them.

Anyways, I walked over towards our closet and grabbed my jelly slides. I opened the front door and strolled across our front lawn. I stood there admiring our lovely flowers that the elderly women in our pack had planted. They all bursted with colour causing me to smile with joy. They're beautiful! I then approached the wall and turned off the faucet.

After doing so, I walked towards our backyard to remove the clothing off the line. I picked up my mother's skirt and immediately screamed. A huge centipede dropped from the hem and scurried away.

"You alright, tiger?" Nathan asked me as he opened the back screen door with force.

"Uh, yep. I-I'm good."

"Was it a centipede again?"

"No..." I said trying to conceal the truth.

"Well, if you really don't want to do it, allow me," he said while climbing down the steps.

"No, Nathan. You're always helping me. I really need to overcome my fear."

After I finally shooed him away, I continued pulling down the dry clothing. Just as I finished placing my the last clothing item in the basket, I felt a presence with me. I turned my head slightly to see a black wolf staring at me in between the thick layer of pine forest behind our house.

It immediately gave me the shivers as I stared back at the furry animal.

And as I walked back into the house, I couldn't help but think about how familiar those grey eyes were.

Maybe a bit too familiar.

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