Chapter 46: I Can't Keep Letting An Yize Kiss Me Repeatedly!

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An Yize suddenly understood and felt perplexed. “You stayed awake for this?”

Su Jian refused to admit, “Of course not!” In actual fact, initially, he happened to remember that it was An Yize’s 30th birthday the next day. Thus, he purposely reminded himself about it. At the beginning, he had wanted to use An Yize’s age to attack him as he was recently concerned about his age. However, after waiting for a while, this matter became an exciting little secret hidden in his heart. At the moment when the clock struck zero, he had forgotten his plan to attack An Yize. He only stole the chance to be the first to wish An Yize a happy birthday at the most perfect moment.

An Yize looked at him deeply. Suddenly, his body moved and at the next moment, Su Jian was pressed under him.

“Hey, what are you…nnn…”

An Yize didn’t kiss for long and soon released Su Jian.

Su Jian panted slightly. He had yet to return to his senses when the man pressing him down on him said, “This is a return gift.”

Su Jian glared at him and said angrily, “I only want a five million dollar cheque as my return gift!” Your mom! If I knew the return gift would be so lame, I should have also wished for this for the annoying An god: “At 30 years old you will have erectile dysfunction!”

An Yize ignored his angry words. He looked downwards with a deep expression. “Jian Jian, thank you.”

His expression was so gentle and his tone was so sincere that Su Jian froze momentarily. However, Su Jian soon came back to his senses and said helplessly, “Get off my body already! You are very heavy!”

An Yize lips raised. He turned over and laid at his side.

Once he gained his freedom, Su Jian jumped to the other side of the bed immediately, distancing himself from An Yize.

Seeing that An Yize was not making any movement, Su Jian soon relaxed. However, after a moment, he suddenly realized: Why should I be afraid of this fellow? He was the one that forced a kiss on me! Thinking about this point, he suddenly came to a realisation—An Yize forced a kiss on him again!

Although it wasn’t as shocking as the first time, Su Jian was still enraged.

He couldn’t win An Yize in a fight, and neither could he scold him. Su Jian felt aggrieved. Thinking about it, he suddenly pounced over. While An Yize had yet to react, he lowered his head and bit An Yize’s lip.

An Yize: “……”

After successfully wounding An Yize and expecting that he would lose his image in front of everyone during his birthday party tomorrow, Su Jian’s anger was vented and he quickly fell asleep.

President An, whose lips was bitten, touched his slightly painful lips. He couldn’t sleep for the night.


Su Jian saw the wound on An Yize’s lip after waking up the next morning. Additionally, he also saw two dark circles under An Yize’s eyes. Su Jian thought: An Yize is not doing well. He felt relieved!

After breakfast, in order to prevent a misunderstanding like the previous time, Su Jian explained before everyone else got suspicious. “Yesterday night, while An Yize was eating, he actually bit his mouth. He is so careless!”

An Yize looked at him silently and didn’t say anything.

However, An Yirou stared at his brother’s lips meaningfully. “Third brother, just how did you eat to be able to bit your upper lips?” After speaking, she even stuck out her teeth to test it out.

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