me n my bi

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at least for me


Now first i want to thank Payton_Elizabeth1 for reminding me💙

So i drew myself

And soent two hrs editing ;)

Im fine

Now b4 i show u my art

I wanna tell u how i find out that i was bisexual.

First of all, bisexuality is sexuality when you are attracted to both of woman and man.

And now weird story time, its a bit embarrasing.

So as well as you might know, I was big otaku as a kid. If you dont know what is otaku (or weaboo) it is a person who loves to watch Anime. Or play vid games called RPG.

And when i started ti watch anime, i was 11 or 12, i dont rlly know.

And my first anime was Mermaid Melody frim Pichu Pichu. It old but very good!

And so as I wad exploring I find this gay anime called 'Junjou Romantica', I did not began to watch it directly, I was watching amv.

And so I kinda find out what the anime name, so I searched it and BOOM.

(i actually thought that Misaki is girl lmao, cuz he has god longish hair)

And so i watched more, and more.

And then I find out that this, gay anime is called 'Yaoi'.

And that girl anime is called 'Yuri.'

Dw tho i watched normal anime, like Black butler (which is still my fav anime)

And so i find about wattpad and find about 'fanfics'

And i read every fcken chptr of Black butler smuts.

Which included sexual stuff with girls (including Hannah)

So can pretty much say I started to like both genders.

Yes i k its shitty asf

But anywaysss

I still didnit come out to my parents, actually-

Before I knew I was bi, I asked my dad

"Dad do u know whats bisexual?"

And he was like.

"Arent we all bisexual?"


Which now i can freely snort in drink of that memory.


I get more bi cuz im reading LafLams smuts every friggin dy ;3

And now art

I draw myself in bisexual colors ;3

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I draw myself in bisexual colors ;3

Apps i used are- autodesk (for drawing n coloring)

Galaxy overly (for galaxy effect)

WeHeartIt (for bckground)

And Izreži zalijepi foto (for cutting and posting my self in bckground, yes its croatian app ._.)

Goodbye and happy bisexual day for all my fellow bisexualmans!!

N whammens💜💝💙

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