Chapter Eleven: Cute is one word with a lot of meanings.

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Chapter Eleven: Cute is one word with a lot of meanings.

Friday, after the show.

"YOU are amazing."

Lydia blushed. She attempted to hide it with her hands. His compliment meant the world to her.

George smiled subtlety, glancing at the blushing beauty across from him, but not commenting on it.

"I like playing in the rain because it's soothing," he said shrugging his shoulders as he leaned against the back of the leather booth.

He took her to Mindy's diner after the show. It was a cute 80s styled café with four or five customers around. The staff friendly and charming. It was overall a great place for a first get-together outside of school.

She bit the inside of her cheek.

Gosh, he looked so cute right now.

She her hands were covered by the sleeves of his Adidas jumper. She had forgotten her own.

He smiled at her as their waitress, Theresa, placed their milkshakes in front of them. She winked at Lydia and slid George a piece of paper before walking away.

At first, Lydia thought the elderly woman was trying to hit on him by giving him her phone number. She was quickly mistaken.

George shook his head before showing her the piece of paper. The staff here was clearly one of a kind.

- You guys are too cute. These shakes are on the house, come back soon - the staff at Mindy's.

They smiled at one another.
" We're cute" George stated chuckling as he placed the note into his pocket.

Lydia nodded.

"I guess we are."


I find the elderly really cute! What about you?

KateAnnee :))

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