chapter 8: more rivalry

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After talking with Allura, (Y/N) went past all of the big poofy pink and white dresses to look at the two pieces. While looking at the only dress that was black and not pink, blue or white she found some revealing tops. But the last thing she looked at (Y/N) knew it was the one. It was a dark (F/C) camo like a top that came to her belly button but it was better than the frilly posh ones and the SUPER AND I MEAN SUPER revealing ones.

After finding the top now all (Y/N) had to find was bottoms and shoes. She walked past the shiny, extravagant, fancy ones and saw some simple black jean like material. She took them off the rack to see if they will fit her. (Y/N) put them in front of her legs and they were way too long for the short girl.

As she walked back to Allura, she lifted the jeans and said, "These are the only ones I like but they are too big. Do you have anything so I can cut them up and make them more like me?"

After thinking for a bit the princess jumped up startling the little Pidge and ran off (Y/N) was confused and looked at the retreating Altean and then realised that she didn't know where she was going and doesn't even know how to get back to where they were with all the others. With that knowledge in her brain, (Y/N) started sprinting to where she last saw Allura go to which was to the left. As soon as she turned she could see Allura way in front of her.

"HEY WAIT UP. IMMA GET LOST WITHOUT YOU." (Y/N) screamed at the top of her lungs. The princess stops and giggled while waiting for the freckled girl to catch up.

"S-sorry I forgot and got excited since I haven't been into the designing room in ten thousand years. It was one of my favourite rooms in this castle since I got to make my own designs." She explained.

"Oh that's fine I just didn't want to get lost in this maze of a place."

"What's a maze..?"

"Its...err... I can't describe it...ugh let's just go."

~~~~~~~~~~~~(Y/N) pov~~~~~~~~~~~~

And with that, we carried on to find the room with the tools that I need. Allura opened the door and I stared in awe. inside there was so many unfinished clothes and ones that have been torn for some reason I do not know of.

I walked over to the worn out dresses and ran my fingers over them. It was a soft material and felt thin but also have so many layers. Some were simple but others were like to be worn by a drag queen.

"Aha! Here is what you need." Allura
Said taking me out of my trance. She strutted back over to me and placed a small box In my hand.

I looked at her confused but she ushered me to open it. Inside where scissors, pins, needles and thread.

"Wow, I didn't know you would have this stuff."

"I mean of course we would be not some wired aliens."
I stared at her with an  'are you kidding me?' Look and her cheeks turned a light pink.
"Hehe... Ok ok well that didn't really work out in my favour."

"We should probably get back to where everyone is and I'll sort them out there," I said trying to make the atmosphere less awkward.

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