One; Phone Calls Galore

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"Bye, Sophia. Better day tomorrow?" The lady, Mariah, who works at the desk rubbed my back as I left. I nodded hoping so.

"You couldn't have done anything." I knew she was referring to the puppy who had a miscarriage of six today. I shrugged, fighting back tears. It's just part of the job. She sighed.

"Have a good night, Sophia." She patted my back and returned to packing up the shop. I hated not being able to save the animals. It's my job to. I drove the short ride home with silent tears burning my face. Stop fucking crying! You wanted the damn job! I hit the steering wheel as I pulled the car in my driveway. I marched inside, slamming my front door and not long after my bedroom door as I flopped onto my bed. Strangely, my phone started ringing. Nobody ever calls me. I got excited as I picked up the phone.

"Hiya!" I bounced on the bed as I picked it up.

"Um, hey sweetheart." A confused, feminine voice replied. Why are they confused? They called me!

"Who are youie?!" I gasped at my slip up and slapped my mouth.

"Soph, it's your mother." I gasped again, now, wanting to slap her mouth.

"Don't ever fucking call me! Don't contact me! I don't want to know you! I am successful on my own now!" I yelled, as fast tears cut my cheeks.

"Sophia, we both know that I don't want to talk to you either, but maybe your three year old sister does." My mouth hung open for a few seconds before my brain started working.

"It is perfectly fine to sleep with a million people, as long as they are the opposite gender, right, Mom?! Actually loving one person of the same gender is a sin, right?! Tell me who the father is, slut! John, Carter, James, Liam, Parker, Marco?! You don't fucking know. You might be able to narrow it down by skin color, but you still have a pretty wide variety to pick from!"

"Sophie, she wants to know you! She disserves to know you!"

"I will meet her. I don't want to see y-you." I cried. I couldn't abandon my sister to think that she had to be what that diablo wanted. She disserved to know that you can be whatever you want, without listening to her.

"Fantastic! I will drop her off with you tomorrow at four in the morning, before I go to work!"

"But--" she had already hung up. I guess that means that I will find a babysitter, while I work. I started by calling my ex girlfriend, Cassandra. She left me about three months ago, after two years because she said that I needed to grow up. She used to babysit, though and that's the only person that I could think of.

"Hello?" She picked up.

"Hey, Cass. Are you still babysitting?"

"Shit, Sophia! Don't tell me that you have gotten a baby since we talked? It's not like you could raise one!"

"No. M-Mom did."

"Oh. I'm sorry, dear, but I don't think I can stand to see you right now. . . Or anyone that looks like you." I felt my stomach burn when she said those words. Two years, and I hadn't grown up fast enough. I miss her so much.

"O-Okay. Th-Thanks. D-Do you think that one d-day, we could try again?" I begged her. She hated when I begged, but I couldn't stop myself. I needed her.

"No, Sophia. Get paper and I will give you a number for a babysitter though. If you like, I met a really good therapist too, if you know, you want to try that now." She knows I hate therapist. I used to freak out when she tried to make me see one. She hated that too. I grabbed a notebook and pen, getting ready to write. I kept seeing my tears drop onto the paper, and it pissed me off.

"780-783-****" I wrote down the numbers that she recited to me.

"Thanks, C-Cass."

"Okay. Bye." She hung up on me, and I tried to force myself to stop crying. It took a while, but eventually worked, and I called the number on the paper.

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