Chapter 8

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Lucy POV

Dinner was delicious, all the students sat at one table while the mentors sat at another.

I made a few friends, everyone was nice but some of them were very unnecessarily competitive.

After dinner we had the rest of the day to settle into our dorms and figure out our school or timetables.

I made friends with a girl called Lisanna who lived really close to my old apartment. I had to move out since I was serious about staying at Fairy Tail.

"Who's your mentor?" I asked her.

"This guy called Bixslow, he's really nice and good looking." She giggled nudging me.

"Lisanna you know you can't date him right? " I whispered at her.

" I know I know but when I finish my training and become a mentor I can date him." She wiggled her eyebrows at me. 

I sneaked a glance at Natsu, I wonder if he has a girlfriend? He probably does, how could someone with his face not have a girlfriend. 

" What about your mentor? He's cute" She winked at me while I made a face.

" Not interested." 

" Come on Lucy you two would make a really cute couple." She stared back and forth between us two while making lovey faces.

" My number one goal right now is to pass the training so having a relationship is definitely out of the question." 

"Awww your no fun." We finished both our lunches and headed to our dorms which luckily we both shared.

The rest of the afternoon contained a series of unpacking clothing, meeting the other girls in our dorms and visiting the different places of our academy. 

We walked in the direction of the boys dorms because Lisanna insisted on getting a glimpse of them, even despite my protests.

" Hey Lucy do you think he's handsome?" She nudged my shoulder towards a man with his back facing us  he was holding a piece of paper with his head inclined.

" I cant even see his head" I made a duh sound gesturing to his back. He was tall that's for sure and his muscles rippled through his jacket.

" I think you two would look cute together.." Before I knew it Lisanna tapped the man in his shoulder and told him I liked him.

I just stood there shaking my head and holding back my giggles.


My head snapped up at Natsu.....oh my god what did she do.

Lisanna stared at us in shock.

" H-hi Natsu we didn't know it was you" Her face turned pink as she tried to clear the air.

" I'm curious now if you two are going to be troublesome students." He towered over me as Lisanna whispered a sorry.

"Should I inform Bixslow of this?"

"No sir."

"Then you better return to your dorm" Lisanna ran back to our dorms leaving me behind with him. Thanks a lot Lisanna...

"S-sir can I go now?" I whispered, his face was centimeters from him and his hair tickled my face.

"Lucy you can't go around making jokes like that" He didn't move from his spot even when I wriggled uncomfortable under his gaze.

How dare he make me feel uncomfortable I wasn't about to let him bully me when I just got here. He didn't have any right to tell me what to do

"So?" Some of my confidence had returned as I raised my eyes to his.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into a boy's dorm nearby.
Ordering the boys out he sat me into the bed glaring at me.
"Lock the door when your out!" Bellowing the new boy recruits scrambled their way out.

I was scared for my life, what if he's a psychopath.

"Natsu what are you doing?" I eyed the door making an escape plan.

"No one defies me certainly not you"

"Well you need to learn about  how to properly  treat people" I stood up, my legs against the bed as we stood face to face. My head reached his shoulder in height and his gaze never leaving mine.

Natsu brushed his hand through his hair going around me to sit on the bed. He looked weary and tired.

"Natsu are you ok?" Even if he didn't have the decency to treat me with respect I wouldn't stoop to his level, he was my mentor after all, best not to start the year to a bad start.

Not saying anything he brushed past my shoulder as he got up and left the room leaving me standing there alone.

The boys whose dorms we invaded peeped their heads inside staring at me.

"Sorry I'm leaving now" I bowed respectfully and headed back to my dorm.

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