Chapter Ten: A beautiful stressed mess.

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Chapter Ten: A beautiful stressed mess.

Friday Night.

GEORGE sat in the middle of the auditorium waiting for Lydia to come on stage. He smiled down at his phone, pressing send as the lights went down.

She was panicking behind the curtains. There were too many important people here today to mess up. Her gut was telling her she would just embarrass herself on stage.

The lights shifted down onto the stage as the curtain was lifted, exposing an elegant girl who was focused on his dance. Although her appearance was a façade, she was a scared little mouse underneath.

He could see this but knew once the music started she'd be fine, she was always fine when music was playing.

He'd been to her shows before with his sister. She loved ballet and aspired to be like Lydia. He wasn't a weirdo that came alone without an invitation.

The audience applauded as her dance concluded. George wolf whistled at her like he usually did.

Her eyes scanned the auditorium for him as people stood in awe. Then she saw him. A content smile spreading across her face.

He came.

She bowed briskly before exiting the stage so the show could continue. She opened the show, the weekly show the studio put on to show others how good they all were.

The studio owner grinned at her as she headed to collect her bag.

"Your boyfriend is a cutie."

Furrowing her eyebrows, Lydia grabbed her phone and seen the text message across the front screen of her phone.

George Scott <3: You'll be great, you always are. Breathe, Lydia you have no reason to panic.


If somebody looked at my messages , no matter who they are I'd be pissed. There is some serious stuff in my messages. Like memes.

KateAnnee :))

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