6: Doctors

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Mitch, having asked Scott to accompany him on taking Wesley to the doctor for shots, was more than excited when he saw the toddler was asleep on Scott's lap as they sat in the waiting room.
Wesley was asleep with his arms around Scott and his head against his shoulder, while Scott had one hand rubbing his back while his other hand scrolled through his phone. When Mitch sat back down, patient forms in hand to fill out, Scott greeted him with a warm smile.
"He's knocked out. How do you think he'll react when he finds out he needs to get s-h-o-t-s?"
"Hopefully he'll be g-o-o-d so I don't lose my m-i-n-d again," Scott chuckled and watched Mitch fill out the forms and when he came to the parent information, Scott found his heart practically slam out of his chest when he saw Mitch write his number down as the emergency contact.
"Thank you." Mitch looked up, blushing as he didn't realise Scott was watching him. "I know it's just the emergency contact stuff, but it means a lot that you'd put me in with his medical forms,"
Mitch nodded, "everytime I see you with him, I realise how alike you guys really are. I don't think I have much doubt left in me that you aren't his father. When we get the DNA test done, I'll go to the courthouse and have your name added on his birth certificate and his other forms,"
Scott, unable to stop himself, grinned and wiped his cheek as he started to tear up. "I'm sorry, I just- that just makes me so happy. Thank you."

When Wesley got his shots, he was sat on Scott's lap with Scott's arms around him. The blonde kissed the back of his head and tried to soothe the crying toddler as the shots were given.
"You're okay, buddy," Scott said softly, letting Wesley squeeze his finger as his shut his eyes and whimpered, "look! You're all done now and you get those super cool Spider-Man bandaids! I'm so jealous, Wessy,"
Wesley sniffled, wiping his nose. "Daddy get shots too," he demanded, grabbing Scott's hand and shoving it towards the doctor.
While the doctor chuckled and pretended to give Scott a shot, placing a matching bandaid on his arm, Mitch couldn't help but grin at the sight of Scott's shining blue eyes. It was the first time Wesley had called him his father and Mitch knew that Scott was going to be radiating with excitement for the rest of the night. Probably even longer than that, if he was being honest.
"Look, Wessy!" Mitch smiled, sitting foreword. "Daddy has the same bandaid as you do! Isn't that so cool?"
Wesley nodded, "Yeah.."
"See buddy?" Scott smiled, hugging him a little tighter. "That wasn't so bad now, right? You're our big boy,"
Wesley shook his head, "Not bad.."

Mitch walked out of the laundry room to see the livingroom empty and the house quiet. He set the basket on the table and curiously looked into the play room- looking for Scott and Wesley- before walking to the toddler's bedroom. Inside, he saw Scott on his side, in Wesley's bed and quietly reading a story while the toddler slept against him.
Looking up, Scott smiled and carefully got out of the bed, tucking Wesley in before turning and following Mitch back into the livingroom.
"Sorry, he pulled me in when you went to do laundry and demanded I read to him," Scott chuckled, sitting on the couch and helping Mitch fold clothes. "I think the doctors tired him out,"
"It's okay; thank you for helping me with him, Scott. It means the world,"
"I think that's the third time you've said that today, babe," Scott teased, causing Mitch to smile and roll his eyes.
"I know, I'm just very thankful for you. I never thought I'd see you again; and seeing you with Wesley just changes everything,"
"I know we agreed on waiting a few more weeks but.." Scott sighed and shook his head, sitting back with a small frown on his face. "I can't wait that long, Mitchie. Can we please do a DNA test? I- I need to know if Wes is my son and- and even if he's not, I'll still love him no matter what. I just— I need to know."


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