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It is said garlic kills a vampire if brought near to it, but I feel that's utterly false. Among a vampire's many powers is amplified senses, which includes smell. Indeed it might repel them, but it certainly does not kill them in any way.

Also another thing said to kill a vampire. One among Vampire's powers is Night vision, which mean they are more likely to be awake at night that at day. They are so used to nighttime that at daytime because they have never been in the sun, so when they come in the sunlight it's most likely to be new which causing them to panic. Plus, when they've been in the dark so long and they look at sunlight they're eyes hurt. When you come from a dark room into sunlight doesn't you eyes hurt a bit?

Wooden Stakes-
Honestly I think this one is just silly, think about it. They say if you stake a vampire in the heart, it will die.
If you got staked in the heart, wouldn't you die to?

Pulling Off It's Head-
And again another silly one. I mean if course if you managed to pull of its head it would die. With any living creature in this would, if you pulled of its head it would die to.

Now it's said if you burn a vampire it'll die, and a lot of times for taking the ashes and give it to someone to be 'cured'. Most likely the vampires will just stand in the flame pretending to burn while screaming, then probably just change its form and disappear. Well, all the ashes you have now are wood ashes, won't do you much good

I mean seriously? If that where true, they wouldn't be so hard to kill! Drop a handful of heads on its head, when they go to count, BAM, Stab stab and they're dead. They keep saying how it's extremely hard to kill one, but have they thought of, um, what? Counting? No, probably because it's not true.

Thanks for reading this! This was my opinions of this because most of what they say about them dont make any sense or just underestimated. I might make another chapter so stay tuned.
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