(14) Kidnapped

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It happened so fast, I hardly remembered.

  I kicked the goblin who charged me in the shins. The powerful impact send him toppling over, I slashed my sword and the goblin was cut open, it’s sickly yellow blood poured on the ground, but I turned my attention at the remaining goblins, refusing to stare at the blood that I had spilled. I didn’t have stare for long. Suddenly a heavy weight slammed onto my back, before I could turn and look at the culprit, a dirty rag was tied around my eyes, I tried fighting back but a strong arm gripped me arms and pounded my head into a boulder. I screamed as the vivid wave of pain washed over me, making my head numb as a pool of blood most likely or a pool of some other liquid formed around me, a large bruise formed quickly. My head felt wet, and black spots flickered around me, eventually as the brutal creature pounded more and more vigorously until I either the boulder or my head broke i blacked out. The last thing was Aria’s piercing scream.

  I awoke with a heavy burden on my chest. My head felt groggy, when I rose from a hard stone floor, a bunch of tools fell off my almost naked body. I yelped as I recognized some of the tools and they were bloody. A drill, tweezer, rubber gloves, a pick, a small knife, a hammer, and some tools a dentist or doctor might need for surgery.

 “The specimen is awake,” a raspy voice hissed. “And we were going to open you up and save you a lot of pain by making you. . . . .slumber. Oh well, now that your awake you can watch your allies die and you can share their fate alive.”

  “I think I’m going to have to pass,” I yelled and got up. I was surrounded in darkness, and without a shirt or armor, the coldness nipped me. It was cold enough to sent shivers all over me, goosebumps appeared all over me, the only thing I wore was my jeans, and even then they were tears and covered in countless stains. And without my sword, I was going to have to rely on magic to escape. But where’s my exit?

  I looked around which was useless, everywhere I looked a deep darkness greeted me, I was better off closing my eyes, for even then I would have the same results.

  “Drats, can’t you guys put on some lights,” I asked, either a little too loudly or this place gave off echoes, which meant I was in a cave or tunnel. Great, i was kidnapped to Goblin Grotto, where they’re going to kill me, rip my skin off then eat me, or examine my body then eat me. But what of Almar, Aeron, and Aria? Were they alive, or even safe for that matter?

 “W-Wait,” I said a sudden thought coming to my mind, “you can’t eat me! I’m the Prince of Calarant! This would cause a war between our kind and anger my father. Oh, you don’t want Saran angry!”

 “He bluffs,” another voice hissed, but even then it didn’t sound so sure.

 “Should we take him to the King? In case he does speak the truth?”

 “No,” the voices argued with each other for a bit.

“But we haven’t had a decent meal in weeks! I am not eating those rotting potatoes for another week!”

 “What are you talking about! Those potatoes were delicious! Those onions were nasty! The garlic was good and the antelopes were-”

 “Enough with the antelopes, we haven’t had a HUMAN in years! King Galgoribth is enthusiastic! And if he doesn’t get what he wants. . . then. . then we’ll be eating dung for months!”

 The goblins all murmured to agreement, mixing in other sounds and hisses from their language. They turned to me, or at least I sensed they did for one of them slammed a rubber mallet at my head. I fell over from the surprise attack and ran.

 “Get the meat! Guabt eth kanths thev thej marok,” the goblin shrieked in it’s garbled language.

The tunnel consisted of wide and narrow turns and sudden twists, stalagmites and stalactites rose as large pillars and made the passageways more narrower, small water droplets as light as rain fell from them. But I ignored them and continued running, the goblin’s shriek still bounced around. The echoes didn’t help my situation as of probably almost every other goblin in this damn place knew and was after me. I ran in an odd pattern. Left, right, right, middle, left, middle, right, lower left, right, middle, lower, right, lower, right, left, up, up, up, lower left, higher right. Until I finally ended up in a huge large. . . . dead end.

  The goblins were near me, or almost near as I heard their mumblings coming nearer. I heard my own heartbeat pound frantically. I had no weapons, no armor, no shirt (boy was this place getting colder, I was going to turn into a large Pentus-icicle soon enough) all I had was my fists, brain, and magic. Using magic would get me tired, fighting would be almost pointless considering they had weapons and showed no reluctance to throw them at me guaranteeing me death as soon as i come near them, and my brain was getting me no where.

 “Edu ue ya hebn jak matr hef ah,” a goblin hissed, probably meaning, ‘hey the stupid kid is here! Let’s tear to shreds then wrap a pretty ribbon on him and give him to our king!’

  There was no way out. Unless . . . . I use an old trick I picked up way back. I smiled to myself in cleverness and hoped it would work.

I closed my eyes and felt my veins beating with magic, a coldness passed through my body, when I opened my eyes I stared down at myself. Instead of finding my own self, I stared at the ground. Perfect, I thought with a sly smile. I was invisible.      

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