Chapter Sixteen (End)

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  "What the hell are you talking about Soy Sause?!" I looked at him. Ashido and Eijirou were peeking through the bathroom doorway, watching everything unfold.

  "That day he was taken," He managed to say through sniffles and tears, "We were chilling in my room. He said that he needed to get something from his room. I offered to go with but he told me that he'd be back." He chuckled, looking back at the memory. "He kissed me and when he pulled away, he had the biggest grin on his face." He looked almost normal- if he didn't have make-up streams running down his face that is. His smile faded and he started to cry harder. "Now I'll never be able to see him again."

  Ashido walked in and wrapped her arms around him. "It's okay Sero. Let it all out." Eijirou sat on the other side of Sero, holding a box of tissues.

  Sero sat there for a while, letting everything out. He screamed some things and mumbled others. I'm sure that if nobody knew what happened to Pikachu, they would be complaining.

  "I wish I stopped him, or went with him. I wanted to hold onto him forever." Sero started before he clenched a tissue in his fist. "Why is the world so cruel?!"

  "Things happen for a reason Sero. We just have to work out this reason." Ashido tried to comfort him.

  He ignored her. "We just got together! We just started to come out to the rest of the class! Now that's all gone!" He was calming down a little, but he was still yelling.

  "Tape Dispenser, calm down a little." I told him. I must've struck a nerve or something because he started to lash out at me.

  "And you! I bet that you planned this all out! You wanted people to suffer!" Sero pointed at me.

  I stared at him. "You think that I wanted Pikachu to die?! You think that I wanted you a mopey mess?!" I felt hurt that he would accuse me of that.

  "You were never the one to display feelings! You probably planned all of this out! I don't even know why Kirishima even likes you! You're awful!" He yelled at me, anger lacing his voice like vemon.

  "He-Hey, let's not throw around the blame." Eijirou told us, trying to stop our arguing.

  "You were jealous of our relationship!" Sero yelled at me.

  "At least I'm the one who has one now!" I yelled back. I immidiatly regretted it. "Sero, I didn't me-" I didn't finish. Sero lunged at me.

  He started to attack me, grabbing anything around us to hit me with. I growled and fought back.

  He kept punching the same spots on my face. I pushed him off and attacked him, without using mt quirk so I didn't set Ashido's room on fire.

  "You hate all of us! Why is Kirishima the exception?!" Sero yelled. He threw a pillow at me.

  "I don't hate any of you!" I threw a blanket on top of him.

  "Guys! Stop it!" Ashido pulled Sero off of me and Eijirou pulled me away from him. We were both squirming to attack the other. "Fighting won't solve anything!"

  "Yeah, Ashido is right." Eijirou said.

  I pulled my arms away from Eijirou and sat there for a second. Sero did the same thing. We sat there for a second.

  "How come these things always happen when I plan sleepovers?" Ashido spoke with a small chuckle. She was obviously trying to lighten the mood.

  Suddenly, Eijirou started laughing. "Bad things almost always happen at your sleepovers."

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