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"Aw~ look at them.." Your mom giggled when she caught you both cuddling. "I think we need to take a picture." Your mom agreed with Seokjin.

The flash had made you groan in annoyance and open your eyes to see where it came from. But instead of you yelling, your eyes widened and quickly pull the blanket over your head, your movements made Jungkook awake and whine.

He pulled you closer, wanting to feel warm. Just then he realized, today is when your parents are coming back.

His eyes quickly shot open, he hastily pulled his hands and stood up beside the bed, you imitated his movements.

You: MOM!!

Jungkook: DAD!!

You both whined at the same time, while your parents are cooeing at the both of you.

Mom: They're already close

She cooed.

Dad: Right!


Weeks pass after your parents caught you both in bed. You weren't even awkward with him after that. And you don't know why, since you're a very shy person (or so you thought) and things like that would make you very awkward. Jungkook doesn't even know himself.

After the incident you both are cool to each other, and even got more closer. Probably because he isn't doing anything towards you anymore, and probably will stop. Or so you thought.

Today, your parents needed to go to an another business trip, they said they'll take a month. You have your house to yourselves again.

You were heading to your bathroom to take a shower in the morning because you feel hot.

You twisted the knob, but it won't budge. You tried again, thinking your force is too weak, but it still won't budge.

You looked for the key, but you can't find it. You decided to take a bath in the bathroom for the guests, but the door is locked, then you heared the water running. 'Probably Jungkook.' You thought.

You went to his room, and get inside the bathroom with your towel. You started stripping and climb into the shower. You sighed in relief.

You were done, but then. You forgot your clothes in your room. You groaned in annoyance while wrapping your towel around your body.

You got out, and then suddenly. The door swinged opened revealing Jungkook.

But the only thing that is covering him is only a towel loosely hanging on his waist.

You stood there shocked, and so does Jungkook, but soon his expressiong changed into a smug smirk.

You wanted to cover your eyes and run out, but you're tigthly gripping your towel so it won't fall.

You sprinted towards him, bumping both of your shoulders as you run out.

"mY inNOcEnt eyEsS!" You yelled as you run towards you room, and soon Jungkook heared a loud bang of a shutting door.

Jungkook stood there in awe, everything seemed so fast. But your silhoutte is still in his mind, he can't forget it.


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October 2018


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