8) Autumn Self Care

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Here are a few self care tips, Autumn edition.


~Take a bath and add a teaspoon of vanilla extract. You'll smell amazing!

~You can do a hair mask too! Also there are ones you can make at your house in your own kitchen. That's inexpensive and easyish.
Hair mask recipes}

•honey, egg, and yogurt
•avocado, and coconut oil. (I think honey is in this one as well)
•mashed up banana, honey, and yogurt.

~Shave your body if you want. Having a nice soak in the tub will make it easier for you to shave. Also exfoliate before hand too. It'll remove dead skin and then shave with a CLEAN razor.

~Shaving with conditioner is life changing. It moisturized your legs too and it's life changing.

~Exfoliating recipe: brown sugar and coconut oil.

~When you get out of the tub, lather on lotion while your body is still damp. The moisture will stay longer when the water dries and your pores close. Also spraying on a scent after will help the scent last WAY longer.

~Do a lip scrub by mixing coconut oil and brown sugar. Gently rub it over your lips. Rinse. And voila smooth lips.

~Do a nice sugar scrub in your feet to remove dead skin too.

~File and paint your nails a pretty burgundy or go get them done if you can. I do them myself and save some cash but it feels great when I get them done.

~Apply a face mask. Gel, sheet, peel, mud, etc. you can also make your own at home. I'll talk about that next chapter.

~Put on a fluffy bath robe or a nice silky one. Then put in fuzzy slippers or socks (if you want). Go get in bed and relax. Take your mind off of school and give yourself the break you need. School pushes us so hard. My friend has passed out from the stress of A.P. (Advanced placement) classes. I don't want that happening to anyone else. It's not healthy and it's NOT OKAY. Hard work is nice when you're not damaging your health. So please just for tonight, you don't have to quit working hard but give your self the well deserved break.

So this is my Autumn self care edition. I hope y'all try out most of these. I'm so happy it's Autumn. Last night the labor show was well, interesting. So we got these terrace seat on black chairs. I got a kiddie sized dip and dots flavor in straw berry. My dad, mom, sister, and my pop got a little funnel cake they shared because it was huge. Then my sister got two tiny things of popcorn. They were tiny and free. We threw all of it away. We were still sitting there and it was 8:47. I'm pretty sure. We threw all of our  trash away. We were holding blankets but were sitting in chairs which was not smart really. It was hot too so we couldn't use them. Then there was an announcement in green on the mountain saying the show will start at 9:30. Really? Whatever it's fine.

Then I'm not trying to deter y'all from going to Stone Mountain. But DON'T GO AT NIGHT it's infested is all I have to say. We tried taking a shuttle home, back to our camper because we were going to leave tomorrow, today. They couldn't drive us anywhere until the show was over. We ended up sitting in the grassy lawn. SO KUCH BETTER. No complaints.

Lesson learned when going to Stone Mountain:



It was okay and then we went back to our camper and make s'mores. So uh yeah. We're leaving today. I'm an early riser. My whole family is asleep and it's 4:40ish. I hope y'all have a great day.

QOTD: if you get tired, learn to rest not to quit. -Banksy

Lots of love


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