Beloved (McDuke)

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Hello again! @Rubisdu35 requested this one-shot thank you for asking, here you go!

McNamara POV

"Ready to go, Mac?" Duke asked me as she finished putting on her makeup and doing her hair.

"Yes, babe, I'm ready to go!" I chirped happily

"Alright, let's head out to my Jeep!" she said as she grabbed the keys to her green Jeep.

Duke looked astonishing tonight; her sexy curves popped out from her lovely outfit, she wore a tight, green blazer with a jet-black tie, a black mini-skirt, and some expensive heels. Her green eyes only made the outfit dazzle with beauty, gosh, how am I this lucky? I don't think I even deserve Duke, she's fantastic, sweet, and gentle, sometimes she can be very bitchy, but hey, that's her personality.

However, I still love her for the way she is, and that's all that matters. I glanced over to Duke, only to find that she has a fantastic smile plastered across her face. I love it when she smiles, and it lights up my world; I smile gleefully in response. Anyways, Duke has booked the whole evening; we'd only go to the movies and go back home to have a sleepover. I guess she wants to have a great time with me tonight. But, I feel she has a secret master plan up her sleeves.

We have arrived at our first destination; a fancy restaurant called Little Italy. Duke got out of the car and asked me to wait for a second. She reached my side of the car and opened it for me, what a gentleman, or gentlewoman? I don't know? Heather grabs my left hand, and we head into the fancy Italian restaurant. We are then immediately placed at a private booth towards the back of the restaurant.

"Oh, this is fancy, Heather, thank you," I meekly squeal

"You're welcome! Anything for my dearly beloved!" Duke replied with pride in her soul, and her eyes beamed with mischief; boy, what is she up to now?

"You didn't have to bring me here, and I don't deserve any of this!" I exclaimed quietly

"Oh, sure I did, I love you so much, you deserve everything in the world. You deserve all the luxuries!" She grinned

We proceeded to look at the menu; these all seemed so right, hell, even the desserts look to die for. The lists showed exquisite meals and fancy wines. There were so many things to choose from; it was hard for me to pick. Duke simply decided on an alfredo with garlic bread, while I sat there contemplating on macaroni and cheese, or the same alfredo Duke is having. I went with the mac and cheese. Shortly after we ordered, our delightful food arrived at our table, and we ate, looking into each other's eyes, oh so passionately. We just got done eating, and it was terrific!

"Dukie! Let me pay!" I argued

"No, I brought you here! It's my treat!" she calmly replied back

"Uh huh! I want to pay I do!"

"Gee, it's hard to pay for the both of us if you didn't have your wallet!" she quips as she holds MY wallet in her left hand.

"Hey! Give that back!" I frown

"Not until I pay!"

I sigh in defeat, "Oh fine!"

"Yes!" she shouted in a hushed tone

After Duke's card got returned, we got up and went back to the Jeep. Again, she opened the door for me, and I got in, she proceeded to close the door behind me. She then promptly ran to the driver's seat and revved up the engine to her badass Jeep, it purred like a majestic lion proclaiming its dominance. With that, she sped through the empty streets, I only enjoyed the part where she looked alive and free, and I was very happy for her. As soon as we know it, we had parked in front of a royal ballroom (Because sure, a giant ass ballroom exists in the town of Sherwood, Ohio, why not? XD)

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