Mindless Behavior : Love Story Chapter 1.

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Basically this is a story of 4 girls that fall for 4 guys in a group called Mindless Behavior.

Dayja is in love with Prince, Aliyah is in love with Roc, Aniya is in love with Ray, and Jordan was in love with Prod.

Well, one day we was sitting at home at my house in ATL. We had nothing to do, my mom came in with 4 tickets. I asked "What's that?" She replied, "4 tickets to see Mindless Behavior." I got excited. She had told me, Aniya, Dayja, and Jordan that those tickets are for us. We jumped up & down. Then I asked "When is the concert?" She replied, "This Sunday." It was currently Saturday at the time. So, then I was like "Oh my gosh, we have to get new outfits!" I asked my mom "Can you take us to the mall?" She replied, "Sure, I guess." So, we all went to forever 21. Dayja got ripped skinny jeans, a peace sign shirt, and converse. Aniya got bleached skinny jeans, a drake shirt, and concord jordans. Jordan got some dark denim jeans, a "keep calm & stay swagged" shirt, and some nikes. I got ripped up bleached skinny jeans, a "gold gang" shirt, and Dr.Martens.

We got in the car, and Mindless Behavior was on the radio. We was on crank mode. Then, my mom turned it down. I asked furiously, "WHY DID YOU DO THAT, I WAS JAMMING." Dayja began to laugh. My mom said, "I didn't tell y'all that, you guys are going backstage. I know Walter, me and him are good friends." Dayja goes, "Wait, you know walter?" I go, "WALT FADE ME OUT!" Jordan goes, "KEISHA FADE ME IN!" Aniya, goes "You guys are awkward as hell." Dayja replies, "We know, tehehe." By that time we was back at my crib. We was ready to go see Mindless Behavior tomorrow. The excitement was real. We all went out to eat, and then went back to my house and went to sleep.. thinking tomorrow is the day we meet MB.

To Be Continued..

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