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After IT cut my cheek,IT suddenly looks back.
IT looks at me one more time before growling and disapearing just like that.

Once IT's gone I let a few stray tears fall down my cheeks as I look down.
I feel the blood slowly pouring out and down my dirty cheek along with the tears.

A few seconds after I hear loud murmurs.
I keep my head up and try to listen.

I couldn't make anything out besides one word.


I gasp and realize it's the losers!

I struggle in my chair as I try to get my hands and legs free.
The chains cut my wrists and ankles but I keep going.

"GUYS!"I yell but they don't hear me,I keep yelling as I try to escape but ultimately end up failing.

I yell again but no answer.
A few more tears slip and the only thing I do is scream out in anger, sadness,and fear.

After I do,everything goes quiet and I can only hope they heard me.
Suddenly,I feel the chains get looser and I immediately pull my limbs free.

I stand up rubbing the now red and sore areas on my wrists before looking around the area im in.
As I move closer to the darkness I feel uneasy but I end up finding a large, round metal door.

I run to it and try to open it but it won't budge.
I pull and pull until my arms begin to tire.
I groan in frustration before backing up and running towards the door with all my force.

It hurts like hell but I can feel the door slightly move.
Every time I hit the door it makes a loud bang.

After the second try I back up further and run at the door,full speed.
As I come into contact with the door it swings open with such force that it hits the wall behind it.

I fall down into the water onto my hands and knees.
I breathe heavily and try standing but stumble a bit.
Everything is dark except for an area in front of me.

I look over and see a figure hunched over holding something.
I look closer and realize that it is IT and it's holding Bill.
I growl and stand up looking around for something I could use.

I move my hands around in the dark water until I feel something.
I pull it out and see that it's a rusted pipe.
I nod and look over towards IT.

I muster all the anger I have towards IT before running full speed at it.
As I'm running the water splashes up and hits my face but I don't care.

Once I'm a few feet away I get ready to jump.

"FUCK YOU!"I scream and jump as far as I can until I jump onto IT's back.
I startle IT but I take no time to stab the rusty pole into IT's back making it screech out in pain.

IT throws Bill over to the others but I keep my focus on the monster clown below me.
Once IT regains its balance it picks me up off it's back and holds me by the throat above the ground.

"Oh dear Emily...."IT says grinning at me as I struggle in its grasp.

"EMILY?!"the others exclaim and try to run towards me but IT holds my neck tighter and I struggle more.

"You are the only one I need,I don't need Bill or the others I only just need youuuu"IT trails off at the end lowering me closer to it's face.

"I'm not afraid of you,you fucking monster!"I exclaim kicking IT but IT doesn't budge IT only smirks wider.

"Oh but you'll be afraid"IT says before waving a hand in front of my face making my eyesight turn black once again.

Guys!?"I say as I feel IT turn me around and hold me like it held Bill.

"Guys where are you?!"I ask as I feel a few tears coming.

We are right here it's ok!"I hear Ben say and I calm down a little until I hear IT chuckle.

"She won't believe that after this"IT says before I can see again.
I see the Losers standing in front of me and I smile.

"Guys!"I exclaim but my smile soon fades as they all start turning and walking away.

Where are you going?!"I say but they don't answer.

Don't leave me please!"I yell out reaching a hand out for them but I am held back by IT.

They don't answer once again and soon they are all gone.

No....no!"I start sobbing as I realize my own friends AND twin sister just left me for dead.

As IT lowered Emily into the same position Bill was in,IT smirks and waves a hand over her face.

Her eyes widen before she starts struggling more.

"Guys?!"she calls out

"Guys!"she yells over and over

"Guys where are you?!"she asks

We are right here it's ok!"Ben speaks up which seems to calm the girl as she stops struggling as much.

IT smirks wider.

"She won't believe you after this"IT says before waving a hand in front of her face once again.

This time a projection like screen pops up out of no where.
The losers' eyes widen at what they see.

It's them.
Emily let's out a breath of relief as she sees her friends.
She smiles but her smile soon fades.

The losers watch as they slowly turn around and walk away.

"Guys?!"Emily calls out as she looks at the Losers.

Where are you going?!"Emily calls out as her eyes slowly start to turn the clouded,dull color Beverly's once were.

"Wait,is this what she's seeing?"Richie asks as Emily starts to cry as she sees her friends leave her.

"Emily No!
We are right here!
It's an illusion,listen to me!"Beverly yells but it doesn't seem to do anything.

"Guys...dont leave me please!"Emily sobs.

"Emily!"the others start to call out trying to get there friend to come back.

No....no"Emily cries as her eyes fully become clouded.
Her head falls to the side limp,as IT starts laughing.

"EMILY NO!"Bev calls out running towards her sister until IT picks her up once more.
Bev stops and watches.

"I'll come back to you later"IT says before turning slightly and cranking It's arm back.

"Emily No!
Please!"everyone calls out but it's no use.

IT turns to look at them once more before throwing Emily across the room and into a concrete wall sending her to the ground.


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